Thursday, June 12, 2014

Warm Days

It's been nearly 3 weeks since my bad episode in late May. The marks on my arm are shiny pink and healing well, though the larger one may scar. Hard to tell. Sometimes the littlest things will scar on my skin and other times not. No idea what the rules are there.

I've been feeling in pretty good spirits but have had several days where I've been immensely tired. A nap or early bedtime is helping but it is odd being the one excited to hit the hay, that's usually the hubbo!

I've fallen behind on some housework but haven't seen any molds sprouting up so I'm giving myself a break. The more important thing is that I haven't self-harmed and I've been doing very well taking my thyroid and supplements.

In wellness news, I've managed to lose a little more weight and have been exercising at least every other day. The tiredness can complicate the exercise regimen but more often than not I just exercise and yawn at the same time.

Fio is well on his way to recovery after spraining his leg several weeks ago. He's still not 100% but he does use the leg more often and can jump and run again.

Iroh is also doing well in recovery. Still taking medication for his bladder infection but already looking much more chipper. We've also upped his thyroid medication and are helping him off the couch and things when we can as the vet says he has some arthritis in his hips.

Millie. Millie doesn't really have any problems and I'm a little on guard waiting for something to go wrong since both the other pets had issues recently! Although she still vomits all the time. Maybe she doesn't have concentrated issues but rather an eternal problem to bother us with?

The weather has been warmer and I have really enjoyed being a few pounds lighter. It doesn't make a huge difference in my overall appearance but it has made me feel a little more comfortable wearing t-shirts and skirts (down to my knee or lower as a rule!). The hubster and I are getting excited for camping and having a road trip planned for July already :)

Day by day, I'll get where I'm going...

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