Monday, July 28, 2014

Road Trip

I haven't posted recently but there is a good reason. The hubster and I were out and about this past week on a summer road trip.

The trip was a success but certainly not without some bumps in the road. We started the trip at my parent's house where we dropped off the pets and participated in the Warrior Dash 5k that we signed up for back in November.

Then we toodled down to Portland and visited the Oregon Zoo and McMenamin's Edgefield. We were a little surprised and initially disappointed that our hotel room at Edgefield didn't have AC or a private bathroom but in the end we had a relaxing visit and enjoyed walks around the grounds and an especially satisfying breakfast delivered to our room. I enjoyed a lovely massage at Ruby's Spa before we hit the road and headed east to Hood River where we toured Full Sail.

We camped at Cottonwood Canyon State Park and I had a rather miserable night as my sleeping mat didn't properly inflate and I couldn't sleep. The next day was supposed to be digging fossils in Fossil, OR but upon driving into the little town we found it to be overrun with wildfire fighters including a tent city over the fossil beds!

We were disappointed and a little worried that our subsequent activities would be derailed as well (especially since wildfire smoke got worse as we drove) but we were able to reach The Painted Hills and enjoyed the visit despite the smokey air and haze. We also visited Sheep Rock and the Thomas Condon Paleontology Center and eventually had a lunch break in John Day before my favorite part of our drive, a stretch of 395 toward Pendleton that was especially beautiful.

Our road trip then took us to the hubster's parents' in the Tri-Cities where we were able to make up sleep and rejuvenate for a few days before heading back to my folks' for dinner before gathering up the pets and heading all the way home. The next day we were pretty comatose and even Sunday involved quite a bit of couch time, funny how vacations require recovery time!

We really enjoyed the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument and have plans to visit it again someday, preferably out of wildfire season so we can dig for fossils as well. There was an amazing display at the paleontology center and to sum it up in the hubby's words, "I had no idea Oregon used to have bananas." Yep, our minds were blown!

In other news, my best friend has moved to Oregon (definitely closer than Colorado and working all over the country on specific deployments for her job) and I hope to visit her very soon. The hubster and I have been talking about moving but it all depends on his job situation. It looks like we'll be staying in the area but are seriously considering moving to a little bit bigger place. It makes me nervous but I also relish the change of pace, I'm just afraid that we'll end up in a complex with worse neighbors or worse crime (not that this place is perfect by any means I'm just afraid of giving up what we've got for something not as good). It will be months before we know for sure what the plan is though.

On that note I think I'll go do some dishes and take a little walk, enjoy what I've got right now and make the best of things! Thankfully the heat has toned down a bit but I'm already looking forward to fall breezes.

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