Monday, September 29, 2014

Bouncing Back From a Birth

On the walk today I started getting tired pretty quick and nearly threw in the towel, but somehow I managed to finish the walk and do yoga, laundry, and bathe the dog! 

Considering I'm usually a zombie for 3 days after any birth I attend, I was pretty proud of myself for getting right back on the good habits wagon so soon. That said, I definitely hit the wall this afternoon when the hubster came home. 

He talked about a roast in the fridge for dinner and then commented "Hun, you are looking pregnant." I argued that I had always been fat and that I was just pudging out slouched on the couch, but he said, "Having a pooch is one thing, being baby shaped is another." Well cue the pregnancy hormone symphony because shortly thereafter I found myself tearing up saying, "I can't wait 2 hours for a roast to cook I need something now. I want Chinese." *whimper*

A trip through the Panda Express drive-thru and a couple episodes of "The League" later and I promptly passed out on the couch in a huge, satiated pregnancy blob.

In other news, I've been a bit of a hazard lately in the kitchen-to myself that is. Earlier this week I burned my left forearm on the upper heating element of the oven and today I burnt my left forearm on the oven door panel! Add that to the scabby blister on my left heel and the rash of bruises all over my body and call me a dalmatian. 

Still a bit tired but will try to post my reaction to this birth (my first attended as a pregnant lady) but for now I'm gonna suck down some water and finish some laundry!

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  1. Ha! I forgot all about pregnancy clumsiness!

    Sounds like you are feeling much better even of you are tired. :-)


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