Thursday, September 4, 2014

Feminism Flare-Up

Watching the Seahawks game tonight I was exposed to TV commercials for the first time in a long time (we only use the digital cable for football) and two commercials stood out.

First, the bad.

This horrible Kia ad with oversexualized girl hamsters. Is there not a single man or woman in that advertising department with any good sense? Maybe I'm more sensitive to this since I limit my media input but it really bowled me over. I know that I've been agitated by music lyrics the last several months for being oversexualized and objectifying to women, I guess this Kia ad was just a stupendously relevant visual aid. 

Second, the good.

While the Kia ad made me sad for humanity I was definitely impressed by this video game ad-not just for it's compelling advertising (even I wanna shoot some aliens now) but for A) having a female character B) having her dressed in a fashion similar to male counterparts instead of wearing half or a third as much clothing and C) having her be brave and strong, not a sissy "rescue me" victim! I also enjoyed the "Guardians of the Galaxy" vibe and humor. That said, I have to limit my intake of mindless violence and I'm not a huge fan of "kill 'em all" video games, but for what it is, I was impressed. 

Having just had a PAX convention in Seattle (not that I attended) I am all too aware of the countless female video game/comic/movie/TV "heroines" that wear barely more than underwear (sometimes less, let's be honest) and it was so refreshing to see a strong female character allowed to keep her clothes on. 

These messages in media really do make a difference and influence our culture as well as our interior, mental landscapes. It's difficult to screen out the onslaught of negativity and sometimes I feel like a prudish hermit but it really pays off for me to avoid commercials, violent movies, and "fake" women. Maybe those messages have hurt you too and you don't even know it! Got dang subconsciousness...ness! 

Oh, and GO HAWKS! What a great first showing. I am excited for the season though a little dumbfounded that it's that time again already :)

Yay fall!

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