Monday, September 22, 2014


Had a couple of rainy days lately which changes the scenery for my walk in little ways. The most notable change are the snails. Slugs are pretty common regardless of the weather it seems. They try for the shade on sunny days but still slug about, whereas the snails seem to stay hidden until rainy days.

Today, Fio and I were walking home and his paw caught a snail's shell and flipped him over. I thought, "Oh no, Fio! Snail!" and we stopped to check on it. I was so impressed watching it flip itself back to rights. It wasn't a fast, ninja flip, it was so sneakily slow I wasn't quite sure what happened but I thoroughly impressed.

A couple days back I had seen a black snail and my curiosity was piqued. The shell was the same as the rest, a kind of yellow with stripes, but his gooey bits were black whereas the other snails were a yellowy-mucous color (like the thick snot ya get with the flu). I've been walking past snails around the lake for years and have never been bothered to look them up but seeing that black snail prompted me to jump on Google and look up snails.

Turns out we have a European snail that has been introduced in the Puget Sound called the brown-lipped or grove snail. It's a pretty common little mollusk but they were a rare find in my childhood yard, so while they've lost a bit of novelty having so many roaming around up here I still find them enchanting.

I noodled around the internet reading about snails for a bit and it seems like the black snail is just a natural variation, maybe not as common as the yellowy folks but I don't think it's a different species or anything. I haven't seen him again but I'll keep my eyes open as the rainy season ensues.

I have been enjoying the walks and think it does help with my mood though I still have bouts of pregnancy hormone craziness. Last night I had a fit about a plate! Never ever been that passionate about a plate before... Thankfully haven't had much depression just cranky, moody, teary, angry type of outbursts. Poor hubby has been caught off guard a few times but he's aware of the hormone issue so we usually work things out, even if it involves some arguing and tears on my part before things are resolved!

18 weeks. Gonna be getting that ultrasound in no time! Kinda nervous as I find those images to be pretty creepy looking. The hubster is really excited and already talking about sharing it on FB. Not my cup of tea but since it's close to Halloween I find it more appropriate. "Take a look at our little ghoul!" Ha!

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