Sunday, December 14, 2014

30 Weeks

Today marks 30 weeks for me and Inchy. I'm feeling purty darn preggers!

I've been warned that once 3rd tri hits many of the 1st tri symptoms can make a resurgence. While I haven't been puking or nauseated a lot (yet) I have felt fatigue coming over me. Took my first nap in a long time yesterday and I've been needing to sit down more. Of course, I haven't been sleeping as well during the night which could also contribute to my overall tiredness (not to mention carting around this baby belly all day!).

Between the advancing pregnancy and the increased iron supplementation my constipation has gotten worse. I've been using fiber powder daily but I think I'll need to do that more. We also got a bag of prunes (surprisingly delicious) and I'm hoping I can get into some regimen that will help me out. The whole hemorrhoid thing makes the whole constipation thing a bazillion times worse (or vice versa? hell, it's an infinity loop of suckiness).

Thankfully I've been holding a relatively even keel emotionally. Ornaments are stressing me out and there is the ever present family drama of the holidays but being aware of my sensitivities and having the hubbo talk things out with me usually keeps the crazy cup from running over.

 I have definitely been more.... outspoken the last couple months. Whether it's asserting my feelings or picking fights, I've found myself saying things I wouldn't normally get out! In some ways it's nice, in other ways I feel like a cranky teenager mouthing off. Good thing the hubster understand where it's coming from and we can talk it out.... for the most part :)

In other news, we spent the end of the week/part of the weekend at my parents' down south. Driving in the storm Thursday night was a little dramatic (not as dramatic as the neighbor-friend getting stuck at a casino during a fire and evacuation with her elderly mother) the windstorm knocked down quite a few boughs and trees but we made it through just fine. Of course, arriving to a blackout wasn't the best but with the power on by the next morning everything was fine.

Friday the hubster had an interview in Oly so we all met up for lunch at a favorite sandwich spot downtown (5th Ave-it's awesome) and then Mom, my sis, and I toodled around town and did some shopping. My sis an I did some baking (PB cookies, gingersnaps, and fudge) and our uncle got some Christmas treats shipped his way. My fudge making is improving every year and I was actually really happy with the results this year!

Saturday was the Half Price Books bag sale. Lots of books and BO stank. Also hit up Buffalo Wild Wings for the first time and watched the hubster burn his face off (but the mango habanero was pretty scrumptious!)

Mix in some card games, tea breaks, some good book reading, and movies and we had a dang good weekend. Though I will say my ass seems to going through some fallout and all that sitting in the car was pretty uncomfortable! Today will be as comfy a day as I can possibly make it....

Had a dream about Iroh dying. Was pretty emotional and sad. I couldn't remember his name! It was tragic. As I type he's sitting by my legs in the morning sunshine. Love this cat :)


  1. The last 10 weeks goes so fast! Here's hoping that it not 41 weeks...or 42! Ug. Definitely not less than 38. :-)

  2. :) I'm hoping for a February baby, I must admit! But if I must wait til March I will. 42 would definitely be an UGH!

  3. OK, I am putting in my guess. February 26, a boy, 8 pounds, 9 ounces.

  4. Nice guess! I can't wait to see :) The hubster has been saying the 27th, could be a close race!


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