Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Eyes Are Melting!!!

Yet here I am still facing a computer screen. D'oh.

I've been watching too much video media and scrolling too much news feed crap the past week. It really feels like my brains are liquefying and my eyes are gonna jelly and melt out of my face!

That being said, my mindlessness has garnered a few laughs and one in particular I thought was relevant and shareworthy; this video got me teary after a good smirk and giggle to boot.

I think all the pending motherhood pressure burbled up after viewing this video... I was just discussing the "baby industrial complex" with my mom while she was up for a visit and shopping for baby things. I've tried to focus on the "essentials" and not the trendy "must-haves" but so much exposure to marketing and consumption have worn on me. I feel pressure to have everything just right and know what I'm doing before I'm even out the gate!

All the consumer pressure is just part of the larger parenthood rat race, which I was reminded of at the baby shower with people gushing advice and success stories about their baby ventures. It felt nice to have people talk to me but it didn't take very long for me to recognize that it was more about them than offering real support or help. The facade of sisterhood was present but the stink of insecurity and compensation tainted the conversation. I couldn't help but feel sorry for them and their eternal struggle to be good enough even as my own war torn esteem flared with anxiety! Genuine concern and conversation is such a rare beast, isn't it?

Thankfully the hubster and my mom and this video have been very helpful in reminding me that I'm just fine being the mother I am going to be with whatever accouterments I happen to favor in whatever style I happen to adopt.

I think it's about time for another conscious "turtling" and withdrawal to focus on what's really important; turning off the search engine, unplugging and being okay in my skin for a while without all the outside input.

Ahh. Kinda nice to set aside the weight of all that pressure. As the hubby would say, "We just gotta feed 'em, diaper 'em, love 'em, and keep 'em alive!" Basics. Sponsored by Common Sense and Ancestors Without Superstores ;)

In other news, excited for the Super Bowl tomorrow but afraid of a nail biter-could be a stressful game! Go Hawks!

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