Monday, February 9, 2015

Waddle Upgrade

Yesterday and today I've had some worsened pains in my hips. Some tendon or muscle or squishy body part that I don't know the name for seems to be more upset than usual. My usual waddles aren't cutting it as far as avoiding pain so I've upped my game and have been taking extra-short steps and waddling a bit extra-ugly to try and manage. Not sure if it's just baby weight messing with me or if the busy weekend got to me, either way I'm taking it slow.

In other pregnancy news I've been feeling more pressure and zingers, more intense Braxton Hicks, cramps, and more gas and gurgles than usual just for good measure. Actually feels like a bad PMS day (which explains all the cookies in the house). Basically I'm slowly working my way toward the "I don't care how I just want this baby out NOW" phase. I'm not quite there, but I feel like I'm on the right path ;)

Oh yeah, this weekend involved some hysteria too! I started laughing myself to tears over a random funny mind blip only to find myself unsettled by some spousal conflict and crying for real the next moment. No worries though, the hubster followed me shortly after I fled the scene and we were able to come back together. We've both been a bit wore out so we've been sensitive and snippy, another sign of late pregnancy I think!

So we're taking things day by day and I'm trying to maintain my cool even as symptoms continue to pile up and I find myself more emotionally compromised than usual. So far I've felt pretty even-keeled as far depressive or hypomanic moods, just the occasional spouts of hormonal rage or tears catching me and the hubbo by surprise. Hoping it's just another sign of impending babyness!

Enough to drive a pregnant lady crazy knowing it could be a couple days or a few weeks til her baby comes!... As if we aren't sensitive enough, Nature had to make us into walking time bombs????

Let the fun times roll on!

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