Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cruel Mistress

I think the hormones are kicking my ass today.

I thought I knew loneliness. What kind of sick joke is it that my family has grown by one tiny person and yet I feel this lonely?

Nature is a bitch sometimes. Sunshine, blue skies, 70 degree weather outside and inside I feel like I'm withering away in a dark, dank, claustrophobic cavern.

Fuck everything right now. Wishing I had a stick and a room full of ceramics to destroy.

Wanting to cry/barf again but glad I'm not having self harming urges.

I'll just keep plodding on.

Just keep plodding, just keep plodding...


  1. Say to yourself this,

    "This is not truth. This is the hormones speaking. This is depression speaking."

    You know this truth in the deepest part of you but depression has a way of shouting.


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