Sunday, March 15, 2015

Okay, Okay, Okay

I'm calming down about the FB annoyance and feeling like a drama queen for complaining and letting it bother me so much-but also feeling like I shouldn't minimize my feelings, all too familiar a plight!

In reality, these people have supported me and it's only fair they see some pictures. That said, it still bothers me how they go about it... I guess they do their best but their word choices rub me the wrong way.

Instead of asking how I am, there is a statement hoping that I'm well but the whole inquiry kicks off with a whiny plea for more baby pictures-like their need for pictures is the most pressing affair at the moment. I'm 2 weeks postpartum dealing with... well, they don't know what I'm dealing with! But that's the point, I could be in the middle of a severe shitstorm and they're pestering me for pics!

Thankfully I'm not in the middle of a severe shitstorm but I'm definitely not skating. I'm not able to nap during the day so I end up staying in bed through the morning to catch up on sleep but that means I don't get enough to eat and drink in the morning which means a mood dip and weakness midday. I guess the first step to improving the situation is acknowledging a problem, right? So this week I'm going to try and do better in the morning...

As for the FB thing, I'm going to wait until I feel like I want to share pictures and not just posting to appease people.

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