Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Some Firsts

Today was a day of firsts...

1) I walked from our new place to the library.

This was pretty enjoyable if not pretty tiring. The route involved some main street time but for the most part was a wooded trail and some reduced speed Town Center areas. I packed a sandwich and some drinks and the babe was well behaved for our entire 3 hour outing. Part of that involved me sipping an espresso and some seltzer water at a local cafe while doing a page of puzzle I tore from my book. I didn't complete the puzzle, but I got pretty close and had fun relaxing with Baby and practicing sitting and standing.

2) I dun broked my phone.

It fell outta the diaper bag and while I thought the back popping off was the extent of the damage, apparently I hit a shatter point. Amazingly the touch screen worked fine and I could text just the same and everything else! No clue when I'll get a new one. Don't particularly care. I'd been angry at my phone for a while, dysfunctional and misdirected anger really, it became a scapegoat for the lack of communication from family and friends... Guess that negative energy coalesced into something physical?

3) I caulked a mother-f*cking tub.

It ain't perfect but it's pretty good and I'm durn proud. The hubster was having some issues and for the 3rd attempt at re-caulking the tub tagged me in. Re-re-caulk = done.

All in all, it was a pretty good day. Not many people can say that when it involves the breaking of a smart phone, but being a bit of a technophobe it's a pretty minor blip on my radar.

In other news, some of the texting done today was with my mother. She neglected to ask how I was even after I dropped a "I hit the skids again this week" so I sassily texted, "I"m feeling a bit better now by the way."

She managed to ask some questions and tell me what everyone else has been saying-expand your social support. She also mentioned quitting Facebook, as my sister doesn't do it, tried for a few minutes again last week and says "no way." Like I give a f*ck. I told her it's the closest thing I have to friends a lot of the time, which is true. Facebook and a bloggin' buddy or two. I think it's obvious that the blogosphere is the superior resource. Very much so.

So my mood is all right today. I think the extra physical activity had a boosting effect and I'd rather be a bit manic right now than depressive, so I'm not gonna fret too much about being too high as long as I'm not too low.

OH! And I introduced myself to a group of moms in a local Facebook group today :) Baby steps.... Not involved in any meetups yet, but thinking Friday or next week I'll make the leap.

Thank you to my blogging buddies, whoever out there is reading, and especially to my one consistent commenting buddy, I really REALLY appreciate it.

Things haven't been easy or smooth lately, but I'm hanging in there and gonna keep trying.


  1. I went through Post Partum Depression that was really just depression but with a baby. That was 17 years ago and I vowed I would never, ever forget. Knowing that in some small way you feel supported makes me feel .... I don't know... happy is not the right word. Connected? Like someone supported me so now I can be there for you.

  2. I promise to pay it forward too :)


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Be well, HBF