Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ya give your family heart disease, why not the ducks?

Slept in til 11 but feeling better overall today. Decided to wrap the baby on and take a little stroll to the park. It's sunny but cool, just how I like it.

Unfortunately saw flagrant park violations that dampened my mood; off leash dogs and people feeding the ducks. My mood perked up when I saw the eagles and heard one of the adults screeching to their young as it alighted in their nest tree.

Yesterday my mom and brother came to visit. It was a pretty decent visit though not without its awkwardness. My brother pissed off the hubster by playing "Ticket to Ride" to make other people lose instead of playing to win. I think the hubbo was primed to be pissed off since he doesnt appreciate my brother's everpresent sarcasm. With my mom things went a little smoother now that I expect her to only talk about herself and my sister and not listen to me. Still felt the sting of disppointment but it didnt burn as bad as usual.

She did say something that bothered me at the end of the visit. Instead of "okay we're taking off" she said "we'll get out of your hair." Sounds like some gaslighting/passive aggressiveness to me! Hurts not being able to communicate well but hurts less recognizing the dysfunction and not blaming myself.

Lactation consultant tomorrow, the hubster is gonna meet me there since it's right between our apartment and his work (same building as the birth center) and we want to get everything out and be on the same page as far as whatever treatment she suggests. Boy, I hope she has some ideas I havent found myself!

In other news, we've decided to take Millie to the shelter before our move at the end of the month. She had another pissing incident and we're not willing to prioritize cat needs over family matters at the moment. Took one piss too many that cat!

Iroh is hobbling along but we are discussing when he may need to be put down. He doesnt seem like he's in too much pain, still eating and sauntering but we feel like the time is nearing. I feel bad that a lot of our decision is simply shifting priorities and not wanting as much on our plate. He's not too much work at the moment but we definitely arent gonna draw out his dying.

Fio is doing well, gassy as hell as usual but a good family dog. Sometimes he leaves his bones in the way or sits on Baby's tummy time mat but overall he respects the baby bubble and has been doing very well.


  1. We had a cat that pissed on everything so we had to take her back to the shelter. She had two litterboxes that were cleaned daily and yet she continued. She went on laundry, beds, the couch, the carpet... You can can only handle so much piss smell for so long. We couldn't even have company over.
    My point? Don't feel bad. We can only do our best when it comes to having a pet. I think if she had been an outside cat it would have worked but we were in a condo at the time. I hope she found a forever home where she can do outside and piss as much as she wants.

  2. Too true! I've always had better luck with boy cats, which goes against conventional wisdom, but so be it.


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