Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"I should've said no" to "Damn, I am good"

My mom asked me to do the thumbprint guestbook for my sister's baby shower coming up next month and despite feeling totally overwhelmed with Baby and like I would never be able to craft anything I said yes. It's been wearing on me for a while now and the hubster has asked multiple times, "Why didn't you just say no!?"

I have agonized over the project for days after putting it off for weeks and tonight I finally just banged it out. The hubster helped keep Baby occupied and happy and I just went with my gut.

These where the ideas my mom gave me to work with A & B, and this is how my project evolved:

I asked the hubbo and he said that it doesn't reflect any of the anger or resentment I've been coping with, so I'm claiming bonus points for that! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out except for the font, I feel like I could've done better on that part. 

Now I'm excited to try and do some nursery art with my watercolors, we shall see...


  1. But damn, you are good! :) These are great.

  2. OMG, Hannah! You are so talented. You have a side business there. Have you considered doing this as a job?

  3. Thanks! I have toyed with the idea of side jobbin' off and on for years, also children's books... Don't know when, if ever, I will actually give it a go. Seems like a very big thing to take on, especially when I overthink everything and overthink it all at once :)


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