Sunday, August 16, 2015

Forecast: Cranky

Another shitty day in Hannahland. I'm exhausted and not catching up enough on sleep this weekend despite two naps yesterday. And on a late night brownies related note, my period is kicking my ass again. Woke up yesterday feeling like my cervix had whiplash. So that doesn't help.

Today I couldn't sleep in, bottomed out with dark thoughts mid-morning and scratched my fingernails up and down my left arm to soothe myself into a very low but somewhat functioning level for a shower around 1 pm. We are hoping to get out of the house and pick up my thyroid meds along with a few groceries.

I am not really caring about much at this point but I did manage to get a few pictures taken as requested. As usual, B.B. doesn't disappoint!

Fair warning, my earring "action shots" are rather odd but the fused glass earrings I got are studs (due to anticipated baby interference) and rather difficult to capture in a selfie I discovered.

I've been told I have small ear lobes so I was a little worried about how they would fit, but they are just the right size and quite flashy. Leave it to the hubs! I was eyeing much more subdued pairs, but he sees the brighter more audacious side of me that is so often subdued. Not that these are "risky" but certainly more colorful than I usually wear!


  1. Love BB rocking that onesie. And you, equally rocking the earrings.
    There is a reason why so many cultures use sleep deprivation as a torture. It is.
    Be as kind to yourself as you can.

  2. BB is so cute. I laughed at the second picture because I just LOVE his rolls of baby fat. It doesn't get much cuter.

    The earrings are gorgeous!

  3. What a cutie.

    Sorry that your period is kicking butt bad, right now.

  4. That baby rocks and so does his mama! Your hubs has good taste in earrings and wives. Sorry about the period. I do hope you can get more sleep as EC said, not sleeping is torturous...Been there and doing that myself.

  5. Very pretty earrings! And your little man is such a cutie. What a sweet baby.

  6. What a darling baby!!! :) I love your earrings. :)


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