Friday, August 14, 2015

It's Official-Today Sucked (mostly)

The hubs and I have declared this a "Fuck This Friday" Friday. What a sucky day. Well, a sucky day with an okay ending?

I had a good 45 minutes this morning. Baby Bananaface and I kicked things off pretty well, I even got halfway through some yoga before he needed a diaper and the dog needed brekkie. Just as I was resuming my "crescent lunge" series the doorbell rang.

*Ding dong-it's life, here to put you off course*

Maintenance. Leaks. Pipes. Whatever. No notice from landlord. Cue the anxiety. My day spiraled even as I found myself thinking, "this could set me off down a path I don't need to go, but I don't need to go there." Well my awareness didn't help much when B.B. put up a fight at his by-then-delayed nap and drove me off the crumbling edge of sanity I had left. I got super angry at B.B., super angry at the hubs, no eating, no drinking, just surviving, diaper changes, and reading my romance novel to distract myself until the hubs got home.

He had had his own shitty day at work with a disappointing meeting about his summer bonus and stupid bureaucratic shit about his so-called promotion. I had written him a note and left it in his wallet for him to find this morning-I love these, so handy-and that helped but the angry, incoherent texts from me that morning/afternoon kinda sent a mixed message....

After he got home and took over on baby duty I spent a couple hours relaxing, especially enjoying the rainstorm (with thunder and lightning!) that intensified around 3:30 PM. I slipped on my fluffy pink robe, purple velvety slippers, grabbed a puzzle book and lounged on our balcony with the rain whispering on my ankles. Oh! And Fio (on the injured roster with a gimp leg) sat in my lap. It was lovely. Refreshing. Refocusing. The puzzle I did even had baby's name in it (a very rare thing considering his name!). So I reset a bit. Showered and we went for retail therapy.

On the way to the mall (I mean, in the turn lane right before the parking lot) some idiot (wo)man-child spun out their lowered BMW and nearly crashed into us. It was so close that the bumper they had shredded on the curb brushed our front right side. She was such a fucking idiot. I don't know how the hell she managed to lose control in that section of the road but we thought for sure it would be Baby's first accident, she was coming right at us after swinging all over the two lanes beside us. Ugh.

Other than that rather shocking shit-cherry on our shit day sundae we had a good time at the mall (for being in a mall) and found some good deals and nice just-because things... The hubs picked out some fused glass earrings for me, I found some nursing-friendly dresses on the cheap, and we got B.B. some things, including this onesie that had me crying in the back of the Gap Kids...

Oh, Universe, how I wish for him to stay him a well-oiled happy machine.

Now some late night brownies and Star Trek.


  1. Some days out suck Dyson.
    Love that yours turned good. And mmm brownies. And fused-glass earrings excite my lust. Photo?
    And yes, my eyes leaked a bit at the onesie. It seems like such a small thing to ask...

  2. I agree with Elephant's Child but at least the day ended better. That onesie is so cute. Baby Banana face photo op and please wear your ear rings.

  3. When I lived in a condo I hated those unscheduled drop ins. Oh! And the fire alarms testing. After the first very high pitched scream of the test alarm every cell on my body was on high alert, adrenaline rushing through me.
    The onesie is adorable. It will be a keeper for sure. ANd I would like to see the earrings as well.

  4. The good thing about shitty days is that they end. And you can scratch them off your calendar. And your day ended well so that's great. But how could it not when brownies are involved?!

  5. I agree with Martha. At least you can cross the day off, when done. What kind of brownies?

  6. Thanks everyone. I didn't have the gusto to make my usual brownies from scratch so we got a Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix (with chocolate chunks in the mix, of course) and I subbed coconut oil for the veggie oil, which turned out WAY scrumptious considering I'm not usually over-the-moon for box brownies. The hubs enjoyed it, he loves the fudgey kind of brownies as I usually make cakey ones :)

  7. A puzzle with Baby Bananaface in it? Surely, that's a sign from the heavens!!


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