Friday, September 25, 2015

Japanese Gardens

Pics from one of the outpatient Wednesday outings:

Gingko was one of my fav trees

Can't see him, but there was a turtle making quite an effort
to combat the koi for nibbles!

Turtle island.

(A) Can't decide

(B) which daisy picture

(C) I like best!

For whatever reason I like this "up the nose" selfie

Lots of paths

Felt symbolic of choosing a new path

Loved this special spot by the the stream

Looking forward to making my own Wednesday outings with B.B. :)


  1. What a serene, beautiful and 'hopeful' place. New paths, new directions to explore - and all of them beautiful. Love, love, love that ginko.
    And the selfie.

  2. Every community needs a Japanese garden. They are so serene and beautiful. (I like your selfie as well.)

  3. Love the selfie and the serenity of this garden.

  4. Gorgeous garden. So peaceful. My kind of place. And everyone should take an up the nose selfie :)

  5. So gorgeous and soothing, Hannah!


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Be well, HBF