Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Kid and Books

Chubby baby legs and book grabbing cuteness must be shared.


  1. I just want to give him a million kisses! How do you handle all the cuteness?

    When my kids were babies, from the day they came home from the hospital in fact, I read to my kids and gave the total access to their books. As they got past the age of me reading to them they *had to* read before bed. I didn't care what they read as long as they were reading. They both have strayed a little and don't seem to be very interested now but they are both very literate. I read their texts, e mails and handwritten notes and rarely mistakes. I make more mistakes than they do! All three of us suck at math but we can read! :-)

  2. Sooooo cute ♥ My gosh...if I could just go back in time for a little while when my girls were this little.


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