Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween (or Unhalloween?)

We have a list of hikes to do by the end of the year and today was Wallace Falls or Lake Serene and we went with Wallace Falls. It was tough but we got good views of the valley and the waterfalls and rivers were ragin'! It was Fio's first time on the trails (or out for any decent walk) in a long time but he rocked it, even garnering compliments from passersby regarding his dapper duds. :)

It was like hiking with Totoro today watching for the
umbrella bobbing along behind me as the hubs
took his time hiking with Bubba strapped to his chest

The river and the falls in the background

My favorite tree of the day

Fio in his yellow rain jacket by some yellow leaves

Creepy CSI photo or itty bitty cute mushrooms

It was a-gushin

And we were a-sweatin
 Today I had a lot of little angry outbursts. It's quite frustrating and embarrassing. Well, it feels good on some level but I feel like... a tantrum-y child or a separate personality. Thankfully today wasn't a sustained rage today, it was just blips.

The hubs and I were able to have some decent conversation on the hike, which is typical for us and definitely welcomed since we haven't been conversing well in the real world. We think that a lack of couple time is taking its toll on us. I said something along the lines that I used to feel that I always had our marriage backing me up, to fall back on, but lately I don't. I feel abandoned. Oh the woes of new parenthood.

Our dinner out to avoid the Halloween trick-or-treaters wasn't as satisfying since Baby Bananaface decided to be needy and one of the dishes we ordered was blah. Otherwise it was all right and despite some angry outbursts from me, we had a pretty good evening.

We're pretty tired. Hike. Dinner out. Baby feed. Baby bath. Baby bedtime. Baby, I need a drink, but can't have any! So rooibos tea it is.

Here's a bonus weather update video (if it works) ENJOY!


  1. How absolutely beautiful. Love your tree, the creepy mushrooms and Fio rocks his rain gear. He easier to look at and more accurate than our weather boffins as well.
    Blips are fine. There has been a lot simmering for a long time, and it is good that it is finally finding an outlet which doesnt involve hurting you.

    1. EC that is such a marvelous perspective on the angry outbursts, thank you! And I had never heard/read the word "boffin" before, I like it! thank you for introducing that to me :)

  2. How glorious, Hannah! What a beautiful place! I love the hues of green, the waterfalls, the overall feel! I love to take walks in places like this. I love your family photo, it is lovely! :)

    1. Thank you, it was pretty and not nearly as crowded as the summer months, which we were very grateful for!

  3. It looks like such a beautiful area to hike through. I love the photo of the three of you!

    1. Thanks Martha! We love it, the forest seems to change a bit as you hike higher, ferns near the bottom and more barren forest floor up top, little things but it makes it fun :)

  4. Fio is rockin those leaves! You are hilarios to do that.


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