Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday!!!!

Okay, all the exclamations are uncalled for as it was actually a quiet peaceful day.

The highlight was going for a drive with the hubs while Baby Bananaface slept in the backseat. We drove out to his childhood home and neighborhood and he gave me a tour of his old schools, church, and hangouts. It was nice to see where he grew up. I love imagining my love as a young man and having the images to go with his stories is lovely for my visually minded self.

We stopped at a local park where the hubs swore remnants of an old internment camp were, but the signs claimed it was simply a military prison. We were unconvinced and a little confused but used the opportunity to take some pictures of me and BB on our special "9 months in/9 months out" anniversary.

Broke out the mittens for the 1st time!

It was frigid, BB's nose went red like mine though you can't see it here.

 At the prison park (or whatever) I saw these cool leaves and had to take a snap or two! They were nearly pure white and looked frozen, well they probably were. They felt fake, not crispy/cold like I expected.

After BB woke up we headed back into town and hit up Barnes & Noble at the local mall. Walked the mall a bit but it was crowded and we were hungry so we bailed for noodles/pho and then back home. No major shopping, nothing extravagant bought, no stampedes.

The hubs with his candid shooting again.
I said, "I look like I'm gonna kick your ass," and he said,
"Yeah, that's how you usually look."

Looking at it now I think:
Huh, I look pale. Whoa, that's saying something!


  1. Beautiful photos, Hannah! I was very saddened seeing my local Montreal news this evening about the violence in the U.S. today for Black Friday! Black Friday is relatively new here in Canada and thankfully the people here just politely lined up outside of the stores before the opening and waited their turn at going in and getting what they came for. :)

  2. Both you and BB are gorgeous.
    How I love frosty weather. I will be watching your photos with envy.

  3. Sounds like a lovely time together. You and your baby are beautiful.

  4. BB is looking so happy and healthy! Isn't it a good thing that humans are not pregnant for 18 months!
    Glad you were out and about. I know how hard it can be sometimes.


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