Sunday, December 6, 2015

PIctures from... lately ;)

I ran into The Pioneer Woman and recalled reading about her
on Linda's blog, so of course, I wanted a picture with me and BB!
Terrible picture quality, but it counts for something.
We never go to Walmart but I wanted Cocoa Puffs and 
it seemed like the place to go for cheap cereal!

The flowers I received from Hubbo after the disgusting
blowout that had me scrubbing poo outta the carpet.

For our date day Saturday we handed off BB to my folks for overnight
 baby sitting and hit the road, finally reached Leavenworth nearly 2 hours behind schedule
due to snow and horrible traffic. We were delighted by the LED lights
on the street lights. See the snow? Yeah. More than we expected!
Thankfully the hubbo knows how to drive in snow.

It was crazy crowded and icy but we snagged a couples selfie with the lights

I had my own beer for the first time in months (no ill effects and it was delicious)
and our dinner was scrumptious as expected. We didn't like the black forest cake
but overall another great experience at this restaurant.

Very thoroughly lit tree and some crowds, you can't see them here but
there were several Jesus freaks screaming at people and waving big signs
around. Made me feel sad and unsafe and a little angry. 

My "I SURVIVED" selfie in the car after the trek back
(we had to park quite a ways away). Little did I know the drive
home would also be an ordeal, but we made it, had some horrible
anxiety that day, but we made it. And we dated. Didn't feel like
old times, but we had a date day regardless!
Fakin' it til we make it, right?


  1. You are faking really well. Love the selfies. And am a tad jealous of the snow.

    1. Thanks EC :) We love the snow, we hate the snow. It is so pretty but driving in it is not fun. Glad you enjoyed selfies, we like playing around with them from time to time!

  2. I wrote a nice long comment and Blogger deleted it. :( I love all your photos, Hannah, and thank you so much for mentioning my blog. So glad you remembered how much I love the Pioneer Woman. She has a great show and I love her enthusiasm and recipes. Never tried any of them but I enjoy watching her prepare them. You are doing a fine job of faking it, dear Hannah. The weather here in Montreal is supposed to get so warm by the end of this week (maybe as high as 40 or 50 Fahrenheit), so with temperatures this warm we won't get snow. I do love the snow and I do love a white Christmas, so I will just have to wait and see. :)

    1. I'm glad, and I think you still have a shot at a White Christmas!

  3. You met Pioneer Woman???!!! I've often doubted she didn't exist in real life... but then again I think: she must be REALLY good at faking it ;-)
    You'll get there, you are getting there.

  4. I love your selfies! And the flowers, too :) So glad you had a fun date together. That is wonderful! We are having very mild weather here with no snow in sight!

    1. We had to head two hours away from our hometown but we can usually find snow in the hills here, getting it down where we are at is usually a fluke! Glad you enjoyed the pictures :)

  5. You always have the best selfies!

    Were the Cocoa Puffs as good as expected? I got Froot Loops a while back and was disappointed.

    1. They were all right but compared to my bran flakes, no staying power. I get sick of them real quick. Sorry to hear about the Froot Loops, those were my other buy for cereal craving indulgence! I hope I enjoy them for at least one bowl's worth.

  6. Replies
    1. I'd had black forest cake before and enjoyed it but this one was really unsweetened, maybe would've been better with coffee but as is was like eaten nothing with a tinge of offensive liquer-esque if that makes sense

    2. Ohhhh, my bad, I didn't understand.


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