Friday, January 1, 2016


He insists on the singing part, that always surprises me! Stubborn ass...  I sure do love him and his weird ways. 😉


  1. Obviously your husband was a baby born on New Year's day but was he the actual New Year's baby in is community? Did he get his picture in the paper?

    1. Yep. He was born 12:01 am and was first baby in the county. His momma still has the newspaper and can recite all the special goodies they got and tell the story of how she sent her husband to the store for some lipstick and a comb since she was horrified to have her picture taken for the paper just after giving birth!

    2. Oh, and did I mention she had had her tubes tied years before and he was a miraculous conception? This guy's luck is something else. He wasn't surprised at all when we conceived on the first try, I tell ya what.

  2. Woo Hoo.
    A friend always insists on singing too. Chocolate cake is more important in my eyes.
    Singing and chocolate? Bonus.

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  4. Oh yes and I still have that newspaper to this day, Birdie!


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