Friday, March 18, 2016

This day so far... (and notes from last night)

I have been feeling UP!

Since doing the dishes hasn't happened in I don't know how long (I didn't even remember where the cutting boards went) and since doing any housework is an uber-achievement for me, I wanted to post these pics :)

And because I'm feeling jazzy I wanna add these just for kicks!

Happens to be my new profile pic as well-
that hasn't changed in YEARS!

Reminds me of Elvis.
Don't know if it's the belly and arm rolls
or the shades and 'tude. 
Runner-up for profile pic... or should it be #1?


Also wanted to post this funny pic of the hubs from last night.

I was texting (group texting) with my mom and sister (we're having a streak of "togetherness") and they text these weird cartoons that look like themselves and they were "text streaking" as I called it and then I posted a pic with a cartoon that looked like me (manual) so I could "text streak" back and then the whole I saw my grandmother naked 2-3 times while she was alive thing came up AGAIN. I catch flack and get teased about that way too much. In my personal opinion.  

I texted this back with "Take that." and did my
sassiest fishlips.

But anyways, I mentioned that family history to the hubs  while he was eating and he was very upset, making this face and saying "dude, my mouth was full." So that's what that picture is all about. :o)


  1. Big, big smiles. And happy dances. With and for you.

  2. That picture of your grandma is what I look like now. God help us all.

    I am so very happy that you are up!

  3. You and your family make me smile. Esp. little guy. Your places looks like mine looked when our kids were little. Now they are gone, and our place looks even worse.

  4. Love your photos, Hannah! Let's hear it for up! Hugs.

  5. I love 'ups'! And I hope you have lots of them. Lots and lots :)

  6. Hannah, you deserve all the "ups" life can give you! Way cool pics!


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