Thursday, May 5, 2016

Words for Wednesday (better late than never!)

I had a difficult time getting inspired by this week's "Words for Wednesday" so I decided to select my own 6 from the bounty of words provided from Mark Koopmans that were posted on Elephant's Child blog. These are the 6 I went with:


Brendan chuckled and muttered, "We'll tie this sale up before we have time to think about taxes-I can't believe this family said they'd vacate in 2 weeks!" Rocking to his left, lifting his thigh from the rolling, faux leather chair and farting, he grunted and grinned across the office at his business partner, Dylan. "Like Christmas in June," Brendan smiled and clicked away multiple screens on his computer screen before picking up a pen to finish up the remaining paperwork on his desk.

"You know it," Dylan halfheartedly mumbled, "but I can't help think of those poor kids gettin' yanked outta that house so quick."

Anxiously fumbling with a pair of scissors Dylan wrenched his lips together in agitation and sighed in frustration. He was far more sensitive than Brendan and sometimes felt that the realtor role was a misfit for his personality, but they had been partners in business for nearly a decade and friends for even longer-Dylan wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, emotional sales be damned.

Sensing Dylan's mood, Brendan frowned and yanked open a desk drawer. "Heads up," he called as he tossed his friend a miniature chocolate bar from the bottom drawer stash.

Dylan smirked and caught the silvery package, slumping happily into his desk chair to unwrap and consume the therapeutic treat. "Thanks, dude."

"I know you'll always remember when your parents sold your childhood home but just 'cuz it was a big deal doesn't mean every kid that moves during their childhood is scarred for life. You remember it but I don't think you're still holding it against your folks or anything. You turned out fine, man." Brendan attempted to reassure Dylan but his partner grimaced with guilt as he mashed the chocolate peace offering with his tongue.

"I know, I know, 'we are just facilitators,' but I can't help but think of what those kids must be going through. You saw how they cornered me last time we were at the house! You know I'm not as much of a talker like you; it's tough for me to say something and say nothing at the same time!" Brendan shook his head and recalled the preteen children asking about who would be living in their home once they moved and the awkward, evasive answers he offered while backing away.

"Well, good news is this sale will close before you have much more time to worry about, dude." Brendan grinned and rifled through papers, "Payday, here we come."

Dylan nodded and shrugged. Paychecks were great but he couldn't help think of the lives they affected with each sale of every house-every home. It was more than money to him and it always would be. Brendan was a different breed of realtor and Dylan had accepted that a long time ago, as well as the sugary and mildly insulting support his friend offered when Dylan's conscience got the better of him.

"A sale is a sale." Dylan numbly recited.

"You know it dude!" Brendan crowed, farting again.

Dylan flipped open a yellow file folder and sighed as he refocused on the paperwork at hand. He was going to need more chocolate and also going to need to open that window...


Somehow my feelings about my parents selling my childhood home got tangled up with the words this week and that little scene is what cropped up! I didn't think I was super attached to the house, but a whole lot of memories came flooding back when my mom let me know that the sale went through and that they'll be moved out by the end of May... it's the end of an era I suppose.

In personal news, I'm still fighting some jittery/akathisia feelings but am doing better with the symptoms on a mental/emotional level so that makes the symptoms themselves less upsetting... I think that makes sense? The anxiety is still troublesome but seems a little bit better. Little by little, I'm feeling some change-I'll sure take it!

DBT class was pretty fun last night. It was a little sad since we had 3 people graduate and I won't see them again but we had a lovely ceremony where everyone got to say nice things about these people and I really enjoyed it.


  1. There is no time phrase for Words For Wednesday - so you are not late.
    Love your take, as always.
    When the home it which I grew up was sold and demolished I had more emotions than I expected. Or knew what to do with. It has been replaced with a very ugly (I think) McMansion.
    I am very, very glad you are doing a bit better.

  2. Good to know there is no time limit for Words for Wednesday and glad you enjoyed my spin :o) I am just processing the emotions as best I can with the understanding that I might drive by in many years just for memory's sake and still have feelings come up... oh well. Thanks for the hugs :o) I'll keep chugging away, chipping away at the darkness!

  3. Words for Wednesday is a new one to me. What an interesting exercise and scene that you wrote!

    Cheers - Ellen


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