Thursday, May 8, 2014

On The Road-PA Road Trip

Cinco de Mayo marked the first day of a cross country excursion for me, my mom, and my dad as we are driving to PA for my brother's graduation. We drove from WA to Missoula, MT (stopping for a flat tire and tribal chant along a dark, chilly stretch of MT interstate).

Tuesday we visited the local Les Schwab for new tires (yes, plural, as in all 4) and that day we made it through MT to just before Rapid City, SD. A very nice Ramada was welcome respite after driving rain and lightning in WY.

Yesterday we drove hard and long. Mom drove the rest of SD to Sioux Falls where I picked up the reins and drove through IA to Waterloo (yes, I singing Abba in my head all the way). Dad drove through IL and then nearing the next time zone warp I drove again, getting us into Greenfield, IN around 3am.

I credit our last leg through Indianapolis to my case of hypomania that came on sometime Wednesday evening. As such, I had a hard time sleeping despite getting to the hotel around 3am and now Im feeling abnormally chipper for someone with less than 3 hours sleep.... Guess we shall see when the crash happens!

Oh. And It was in the 90s yesterday. 70s after dark. Woo-freakin-hoo.

In other news, the spring cold I had after the Leavenworth trip threw a wrench in my temperature tracking for FAM. I think it delayed my ovulation and since then I seem to have had another false peak, maybe related to travel stress? Basically, I'm back to guesstimation and not sure if I can trust my temperatures with all the time changes and bad sleep and stress. Hoping I dont get caught by surprise when my period starts! A wonderful addition to any travel adventure....

We are on track to reach PA this evening and while I'm missing the hubbo and my furbabies I haven't been super sad or upset by it. Texting certainly seems to close the divide!

Looking forward to "settling" in PA for a couple days before the return journey and seeing the sibs. Hoping for some good times! And maybe some nice whiskey.... I think I've earned it ;)

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