Monday, August 4, 2014

Corn Sniffs

There is something special about corn on the cob boiling away on the stove. It just smells so good. So "summery." Of course, it's also in the 80s and boiling corn on the cob in our little kitchen is making our whole apartment feel like a Calcutta hostel but the smell is still delightful.

The heat has been getting to me-again. Yesterday I took a nap and woke up dehydrated and over heated. I stumbled around to the kitchen where I sipped water and tried to cool myself down with a wet washcloth but it took the hubster and a bag of ice to get me back to sensible.

I cannot wait until fall.

It's beautiful with the bright blue skies and shimmering lake, all the plants happily growing for the skies but without AC I'm miserable. I can enjoy weather in the low 70s but anything higher and I just wanna mope in a pool of cool water like a hippopotamus.

Who knows? We could have warm weather through most of September too! Yuck!

Well, if I can't enjoy the heat of summer at least I can enjoy the bounty. Corn and watermelon and such. And somehow lemonade just tastes better in the summer...

In other news, Millie killed a massive insect that got in the house this weekend. That thing cast a shadow. I could feel it banging around the ceiling it was so big! Took her nearly 30 minutes but she waited for her opportunity, smacked it into the wall, watched it skitter to the ground, and then pounced on it. Pawed for a bit and then carried it off to munch it down. She scares me sometimes.

Iroh has been enjoying the heat. I think it helps with the arthritis. He is such a slob though, laying in all the pine needles on the balcony with dried wet food on his nose and all his dandruff and scruffiness. If he were a human he would be a most interesting specimen.

Fio has been taxed by the heat much like me. Our walks our cut increasingly short as the temperature climbs. He starts slowing down, looking toward home and even laying down in whatever shade he can find until I cave in and reverse march to base.

My mood has been all right but I'm starting to feel the affects of isolation and getting lonely. We are going to my parents for a BBQ this weekend but I'm missing my best friend and wanting to have someone visit me up at my place so I can host. There is something different about having someone visit you instead of constantly visiting them. Maybe something about validation? Reciprocation? Whatever it is, I want it.

Kinda missing the age of the water sprinkler and kiddie pool, but that could very well be in our near future!

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