Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Slow & Sweet

Today started off slow because of a horrible night last night.

The hubby and I got to talking about the apartment and baby stuff and moving and we weren't agreeing on much. I'm dug in like a tick against moving and the expenses entailed and he's freaking out about having room to raise a child.

In the end we tried to go to bed but to no avail. I stayed up tossing and turning while he went to the living room to surf the internet. I was able to soothe myself for a little while but eventually the stress got to me and I began having negative thoughts, symptomatic thoughts. The hubster tried to soothe me but I couldn't stand his touch. Hours passed until we gave up trying to sleep and instead opted for some cartoons at 1:30 AM, resolved our differences, and finally got to sleep some time after 2:00 AM.

So this morning I was a not a ray of sunshine although the wet asphalt and overcast skies did bolster my spirits.

Odd, you say? Maybe.

After a hot summer I love seeing the clouds return and smelling the rain and wet trees on the air. The cool air invigorates me and I yearn for the autumn. Every year (when I'm not insanely depressed) I relish this seasonal shift. I get to fall in love with fall every year and I love it.

That said, by January the dismal western Washington weather will get to me and I'll need a happy light to get me through the late winter. But oh, this sweet transition to autumn is delightful. Spring is all right but I dread the transition to summer. But here we are again, approaching my favorite time of the year and I'm grateful for it.

Once I was able to get moving I made it to my hair appointment and got trimmed up for the next couple months. It was fun getting out and about and joking with my stylist.

Now I'm home and having lunch and picking up my cross stitch. A slow day, but a sweet day so far...

and I'm grateful.

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