Thursday, May 21, 2015

Donated and Update

The hubster wasn't happy about it but today I donated blood for the first time since Baby came along. My iron was just high enough!

It was a little tough having Baby with me. He wasn't allowed in the interview room or the donation area but the ladies working the center helped me out and we all made it through relatively easy. He was a big hit with the canteen volunteer too!

I scheduled next time for an afternoon so Hubbo can watch Baby while I go-thought as I think of it now, a 3:00 PM appointment is cutting it a little close but I can always reschedule or he can come home a little early... I guess I wasn't thinking too clearly right after being drained ;)

In other news, I've been feeling better lately. I'm not sure that my thyroid could be realigning this quickly but just being aware that I was out of whack is helping me cope better and my anxiety seems to have calmed down a bit-though my heart was thumping earlier like crazy! Still need time to adjust. I'm still working on eating better, getting active, and resting more so I'm not feeling hunky dory by any means....

Ugh. Okay. I'm minimizing.

I'm glad my thyroid is getting resolved and my anxiety has gotten a little better but I'm tired and getting frustrated with Baby by the end of the day, my right breast still has a clogged duct or a cyst or whatever that's bothering me and I can't seem to fix it which means I may need to get an ultrasound or at least see a lactation consultant.

My tooth was bothering me after my filling and since it had been 2 weeks I finally owned up to it and called in. Thankfully the dentist was able to make some adjustments and thinks that everything will calm down. I really hope she's right because the idea of getting a root canal is awful!

Our family baseline has been off a bit since my hormones started to settle and my sex drive bottomed out. The first couple months wasn't so bad, those first 6 weeks was like we were newly in love again, but now I'm only interested in having the bed all to myself for sleeping!

I anticipated some issues like this since I figured out the hubster and I are "3-day types." If we aren't intimate about every 3 days we start getting snarly. I tried to work on alternative intimacy activities while I was pregnant but that didn't go over so well-tough to practice alternative forms of intimacy when you still have the "best" option available! I suppose we're just going to have to adjust as we go, more cuddling and talking and less "the whole shebang."

So... It ain't all roses but it ain't so bad lately. We're planning to move this time next month, so change is on the horizon. I'm excited but nervous, I want the change to invigorate me not lurch me into an episode. The hubbo and I are certainly aware of that possibility. We'll just have to prepare as best we can and see what happens!

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