Friday, May 15, 2015

ND Appt.

Had my first appointment since having Baby with my ND to check up on my thyroid mostly but also talked about overall health.

My thyroid is way outta whack, which I didn't expect. I guess having it stay good throughout pregnancy I wrote off the hormone flux of postpartum. It totally didn't occur to me that some of my increased anxiety could be the thyroid but now I'm thinking it may be a contributing factor. So I'm glad I'm getting a different script for that and hope that it will help alleviate some symptoms.

In other health news (well, not to me) my diet ain't so good lately and I should be taking more supplements (Vit B complex and fish oil). Nothing new really but a reminder of where I need to get...

For whatever reason I feel like my ND resents me a little bit, or doesn't like me since I don't follow her advice to the T. Maybe it's just her personality and I take it personally, I don't know, but it makes me want to prove her wrong and get in great shape, eat right, take all the right supplements, cross my Ts and dot my Is and show her that I'm not the lazy fat slob I think she thinks I am! Makes me a little anxious at appointments but I think having that negativity and slight pressure to improve my baseline is good. I guess that's the normal provider-patient relationship, but I did enjoy the positivity and encouragement I got from the ARNP I saw in Seattle a few years back.

Anyways. Got new script, recommendations to improve diet, exercise, and supplementation as well as instructions to help me relieve what we think is a plugged duct but may be something else in my boob. Nothing majorly concerning just annoying and worth looking into.

Now it's sandwich time then gonna clean the house and do some shopping this afternoon in anticipation of our first date tomorrow and having Mom come up to babysit.

Time is flying....

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