Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wait... Mother Nature DOESNT Support Breastfeeding?

Hanging out in Town Center with Baby today. It was one of those blue sky but with huge ominous clouds kinda days but I winged it and went without a jacket.


Turned out the cloudburst (now I'm thinking straight up storm) rolled up right when Baby got hungry. Thinking it would just be a quick sprinkle I sat down under a tin roof shaded bench area and whipped out Lefty.


The sprinkle turned into a rockin hail storm! I already have hearing loss but Im sure it's worse now. I covered Baby's ears as best I could but who knows.... What started out as a sweet outdoor nursing session with rain tinkling on the tin roof over us turned into a perfect storm, "OMG Im gonna deafen my child," mother vs. Mother Nature throwdown.

After the hail slowed then started up again after about 10 minutes I snuggled Baby in his protective stroller cocoon and ran myself jacketless through the resumed hail to the Starbucks down the block. Good riddance! The hail continued while the thunder and lightning kicked up!

What a day. Hope this mother-son adventure afternoon doesnt result in matching hearing aid souvenirs....

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