Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday, Monday, Monday

Here we go, another new week.

This morning was tough getting out of bed. I think all my sleepless (or not sleeping well) nights added up and the exhaustion caught up with me yesterday. I fell asleep sitting up on the couch while the hubby was in the shower when I was supposed to be making a sandwich. I was really hungry and really tired and the tired won out.

Despite the nap I was still super tired by bedtime and Baby wasn't goin down easy. Thankfully the hubster had some energy and patience when I did not and I nodded off after some puzzles.

I think the biggest culprit is Baby's recent sleep regression back to "up every 3 hours" instead of sleeping a good 6 straight at night. I hope he switches back soon...

In other news, we're still only 99% moved in but planning to wrap it up this evening. Just a little bit of stuff left at the apartment to move and a few things to ditch. The help we got from my parents and a couple family friends was awesome, moving the  majority of the stuff in one day last Monday but we still had a few carloads worth not to mention a ton of crap to throw out.

A minor moving mood foot note, I was upset by my mom brushing me off when I asked her to come up and watch the baby so I could move stuff in later last week. I knew she would be tired and it was a lot of driving but I've been told time and time again "we're here for you" and "tell us what you need." So I do and what happens? She blows me off to drive back to Cheney to help my sister. Nice. I guess barely 6 months pregnant trumps a 3-going-on-4 month old. Shocker. Maybe I was right when I said my sister didn't steal my thunder, she stole Baby's?

On a related note we were down in Seattle this weekend to meet up with the hubster's mom and her best friend C. It was a wonderful visit, even if a little unscheduled (we just wandered aimlessly around Seattle Center trying to come up with something to do but just ended up wandering). As nice as it was it was a little sad when C asked if my mom was as over-the-moon with Baby as the hubster's mom. My face fell and I said, "Well, not so much. My sister got pregnant just as he was born so her focus has been on that." Or something like that. Whatever I said it was heartbreaking and I felt my mood retract and my heart shudder.

Anyways. Time for Baby's morning diaper and feed (well, the 2nd or 3rd this morning) and then I'm off to the lab to get my blood drawn for another thyroid check and then off to therapy and maybe a walk. I've been stuck in this apartment way too much lately.

PS Screw the summer heat. Hubbo said next 2 weeks may be a doozy. FFFFFFFFFFFF

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