Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pretty Good

Moved in (well, 98% moved in) and getting down to life again. Still some sorting and unpacking and constructing to do, but doing pretty well.

I had therapy and missed half the move and took care of Baby for the rest of the move so I wasn't too tuckered out like the hubby. It worked out great, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to unpack anything that first afternoon! So, he did the hard work with some family friends and my parents and I have taken charge of settling us into new place.

Had some leftovers for lunch and now I'm filling my pill planner while watching a TPIR rerun. Mood has been pretty stable and good lately, hoping to keep it that way.

We interviewed a postpartum doula and she gave us some great advice and resources for childcare and mommy groups since she thought that would help me more than a doula right now. Looking into it and looking forward to a bright new normal.

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