Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Night at the Movies

Watching "Little Miss Sunshine" with some of the unit peeps and reflecting on our evening group about empathy and remembering my last post and how judgmental I was. It felt good to be annoyed and let off some steam and now I feel calmer and more accepting. I acknowledge that everyone is different. Different life journeys and different strengths and weaknesses and fears and burdens.

We had a real awesome group doing nonviolent communication exercises and I felt....  lit up.

I feel the strength returning to my heart and soul, the strength that lets my best character traits flourish, the strength to hold a safe space for others and get in touch with my power of my intuition and insight... I feel ME returning. It is nice. So nice. I feel grateful, excited and maybe a bit hypomanic but encouraged even while a bit cautious.

Had a good visit with my boys and I'm using the movie as a distraction technique to head off some anxiety regarding tomorrow's family visit while my meds kick in.

Little by little I'm uncovering my self from this depressive episode, like brushing sand away at an archaeological dig, before ya know it I may be revealed.

Wow. I sound so hypomanic! Way flowery and optimistic but I'll take it.

This is part of me too.

And I am okay with that.

PS really savoring the sound of rain on the skylight tonight, watching the rain slash across my window until the view was obscured....  Love my rain. Love my fall storms.


  1. Another wonderful post.
    How I love your insight.

  2. Hannah, isn't it a great feeling to have ourselves return? The real us? I love how you express yourself, and you have a good understanding of things, which is great! Warm hugs. :)

  3. Great post! I'm so happy to see you making such great progress. My good news of the day!

  4. Your rain made it way up to my island and I have been loving it. The last two nights it has been cool and I have been sleeping with my window wide open.

    I think it is normal to judge. I know I do it in my own mental illness. Getting well is really hard work and i know I get judged but from the other way around. People guessing it is "easier" for me than for them. Then I get judgmental because it is anything but easy and when they are living a life is "stuck" mode I feel angry. I don't know. It is all confusing.

    I continue to be proud of you and for seeing your strengths and weaknesses in all of this.


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