Thursday, September 24, 2015

Disney Debrief

I'm reclined in bed with my faithful heating pad cranked to "sizzle," my belly full of gingerbread with caramel sauce and a half-a-cup of half-caf coffee drizzled on top. Definitely an emotional eating moment, but tis officially fall and I'll call it celebration.

We went into the trip saying that we weren't "attacking" Disneyland, that we were gonna be "casual" about it. I'm not quite sure we achieved "chillaxedness" since we pushed ourselves as far as we could and then some.

 The hubs soldiered on with dual blisters between the balls of his feet and his toes, my dad pressed through knee troubles, my mom kept on going despite exhaustion, menopausal surprise bleeding, and I soldiered on through aching legs and troublesome mental trembles. We were all worse for wear but we got a lot done:

Photopass shots at the gate, Walt statue, castle, Matterhorn, Big Thunder Railroad, Haunted Mansion (see below for some-my apologies for crappy cellphone pics of a pic quality)

Rode Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Tower of Terror, Ariel's, Snow White's, Pinnochio's, Storybook Canal, Star Tours (somewhat by accident), It's a Small World, Buzz's, Tiki Room, Monster's Inc., Splash Mountain, Grizzly River Run, and the rest of the group rode additional rides or went for second or thirds on favorites. I was bummed Pirates was down, but oh well.

Watched shows Aladdin, Fantasmic, Fireworks, Paint the Night Parade.

Shopped, of course, everywhere. Baby got a Mickey stuffie, a 24 mos sized t-shirt to grow into, a fairy tales Disney storybook, and the hubs got a t-shirt and we both got pins for our lanyard (that we forgot at home, oops!) and I got new PJ pants. A bit more shopping than we usually do but we were prepared so it was okay.

Diaper blowouts at Blue Bayou and outside Monster's Inc. ride.

Ate at Blue Bayou, Ralph Brennan's, Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles, got corn dogs at the little red wagon on Main Street, indulged in ice cream and housemade chocolate treats, Dole pineapple whip floats, Bubba Gump.

We took a few good breaks but for the most part we were going, going, going and always at a charging pace. Even when we were exhausted there was always someone going back to the parks for more. The hubs and I spent one evening at Magic Kingdom and my folks spent the other two evenings back in the parks. It was exhausting and super stimulating. I don't know how else to do Disney and I don't think anyone else did either. We always attack it and take as much as we can, I'm not sure what "casual" looks like!

In the midst of all the going there were a few times I took breaks for wellness' sake and I enjoyed that down time just as much as the going, going time. I think a hot shower, hot pad, cozy bed, and a good book will always be high on my list of enjoyable things.

Speaking of enjoyable, I did struggle to enjoy much of the trip and that was frustrating and sad but I didn't let it ruin things. I threw up my arms and yelled on the rides because that's what I know you're supposed to do but some of the time I just felt like slumping into a corner and letting my face fall slack.

Oh, and the flights each went wonderfully. Had a spare seat, a few diaper changes each way, nursing at 40,000' and all was well.

It wasn't the trip we had planned, coming off an inpatient and outpatient treatment and barely having our life in order, me blunted by depression and meds, haunted by anxiety, and the hubs exhausted from working, parenting, and spousing himself all over-but overall it was a success.

We survived Disneyland 2015. Now the anxious waiting to see if we brought home any incubating viruses.... ;) Anytime I'm on a plane I feel like I'm playing Russian roulette with cold and flu!

Happy Fall everyone. Glorious autumn has returned to me, and I am so delighted and falling in love all over again. Well, ya know, when I'm not feeling shitastic, anxious, and depressed ;p

OH and as far the 60th anniversary stuff, the fireworks were AMAZING, the evening parade was fabulous, the decor and special energy was enjoyable but I think the fall themed special stuff was nearly as special.... I'm curious to experience Disney at Christmastime now since I so enjoyed the fall spirit. Seeing the characters in special costumes and the little variations on the decor and treats was so cheerful.... Maybe I'm just easily pleased? Whatever! It was cute :)


  1. I am so pleased that you took some valuable down time. Even reading about your trip sounds exhausting.
    Love that, on balance, it does sound like a winner. A big winner.

    1. Thanks EC, it's good to know that I'm not crazy for feeling for exhausted!

  2. Hannah, you sweet woman. I couldn't be more proud of you. I know this was challenging for you. You have come so far in such a short amount of time. Now that you are home get into those pajama pants and spend time resetting yourself with a few days of peace and quiet.
    Here are some "Hannah" fireworks for you!

    ★* Hannah*★

    1. *SWOON* I love my fireworks! Thanks Birdie. It was tough, but I managed to have fun and stick up for what I needed as well, so---good for me! That's hard to say, but there it is! *pats self on back*

  3. We all need time to unwind and just be, Hannah, and I am so glad you did this for yourself. Travel can be fun, but tiring, too, and if we don't ensure we get some much needed rest and breathe it can be stressful. :)

    1. Amen Linda :) I caught myself feeling bad about taking my bath time and then said, "NO! This is important and I'm doing it dammit!"

  4. So glad all was good and you're home...Cheers!

  5. Traveling with such a young baby is a challenge all on its own, so you did great, girl! And how wonderful that you took some time to relax; that is always important! Happy autumn. I hope it's great for you.


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