Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Home Again, Thank Goodness

***Fair Warning: It's a wacky, overtired, discombobulated post!***

I am wiped. Wore out. Pooped. The hubs is too. Baby Bananaface.... well, he could just keep on adventuring til the diapers run out. Soooo many "he's a cutie" and "what a flirt" comments, he's a star.

Our Disney adventure has concluded and we are back home for the recuperating portion of the vacay. The hubbo was putting B.B. down for a nap and sang a song of gratitude for the big purple yoga ball in the nursery, "I'm so glad to have my ball back.... so good to have my big ball back." He don't sing, but when he does it would be about balls.

The trip was a success although the hubs is nursing some blisters and we're both pretty sore from all the walking and standing and strain.

Top favorite moments..... Hmm. I'll do some of them in no particular order:

-Finding B.B.'s tooth bud on the plane ride down (he cut the tooth during our trip, what a champ!) and other sweet moments shared with my folks

-B.B. blowing out at our "fancy" and yumtacular Blue Bayou dinner. It was so, so funny. The hubs had him in his lap and we had no clue until I did a check and had my fingers come back wet, and then the discovery that the hub's cloth dinner napkin was "contaminated" and his shorts.... It was a dinner to be remembered and not just for the fabulous food!

-B.B. falling asleep on the Haunted Mansion, who would have guessed? Not me. Also, I enjoyed the "Nightmare Before Christmas" version, very surprising since I hate the movie.

-Riding the Matterhorn with hubs during the evening fireworks show, what a view!

-B.B. actively enjoying rides like the Monsters Inc., Snow White's Scary Adventures (yeah, I don't get how he enjoyed that but whatevs), and Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters, It's a Small World-just watching him look and wave and smack the lap bar, he was adorable.

-Watching the fireworks and Fantasmic! show with the hubs and B.B. asleep in my arms (he was crazy good at sleeping through loud noise, including the plane landing)

-Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles dinner, so delicious and then hilarious when we let B.B. play with the straw to my lemonade and he sucked up a bit and got such a cute offended pucker face, it was so ridiculously cute and funny! Not gonna say I'm proud of letting my nearly 7 month old consume sugary beverage, even just a sip, but it was funny.

-Spending time with just me and the hubs. Watching the "Paint the Night" parade. Even just waiting in line. There were some rough patches but I really enjoyed the sync'd patches. Damn my moods. Anyways...

-Actually enjoying a salad like I never have before, TWICE! I had a salad for dinner one night, that has never happened before! This is exciting for me :)

There were countless other little moments of laughter and fun with my parents but there was also an odd heavy silence factor with my mom and I think it has to do with my aunt.

I have not heard anything directly from my mother or my aunt but the hubs was told that my aunt has some sort of bad news in the form of cancer/biopsies/chemo, lungs and lymph nodes? It's nothing surprising (she's had scares before and smokes like crazy) but my mom kept it from me (thinking I couldn't handle it with my mental health issues going on) and since it hasn't been formally talked about and she's having a hard time with it there was an awkwardness that I sensed and was stressed by... but I have enough going on and wasn't interested in playing shrink to my mom. She kept quiet and avoided it mostly, apparently talking about it with my dad or around the hubs but not me-until she bough something for my aunt and said something like "she can take it to chemo." It was super awkward. She paused right before saying it, as if hesitating or just adding emphasis, I don't know. It was weird. I couldn't tell if it was manipulative or naturally awkward but it was stressful and I ignored the comment.

ANYWAYS. Don't know how I feel about it. I detached from my aunt years ago because I knew this would be coming... yet I was overcome with sadness thinking "what a terrible way to go." Not necessarily sad that she will be leaving this realm, just acknowledging how difficult the transition will be for her. I wouldn't want that for anyone. I'm sure more feelings will surface.

In other news, no hecklers while I nursed, yippee! and I gave away a few "way to go you" cards to babywearing mommas. That felt good :)

I may write on this more later as I decompress.... thank you all for all your well wishes, I did manage to have some fun between mood dips! now I am very much looking forward to resting up and evening out a bit.

Til then, photos from the hubbo's compendium of random trip pics:

Tower of Terror
In line when Indiana Jones broke down

No idea why he found it necessary to take these candids, but they turned out pretty well haha!

No on the ears, but he likes his Mickey stuffie

I may never understand his photographer ways.... :)

Hope to have some of the professional pics from the Photopass thingamajig, but not sure how that'll work out. To be continued....


  1. Hugs...Glad you had a good time!

  2. Awww...what a great post! I'm so glad you had a nice time. Looking forward to more about your trip!

  3. Good to see you had fun. Sorry about your aunt.


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