Friday, December 11, 2015


I had never been to a Zoolights thing before and while the outing was stressful and started out pretty rocky, I ended up having a good time.

Rocky? Well when we showed up at the zoo expected to get in before sunset to see the animals, it turned out they were closed Tues/Wed during winter. I spiraled way down and while we walked in a park to kill some time I was trudging with my head down stuck in my misery. It didn't really lift until I saw the puffins and the rest of the excursion I was in a much better mood.

Ice skating puffins jolted me out of my bad mood 
Owl on cactus delighted me.

My favorite!

The purple tree was a highlight for me as was the aquarium although it was not quite as I remembered it (I thought it was bigger with better sharks) it was diverse and I enjoyed it. The hubs and I didn't bother jostling through the crowd of surly moms and Santa crazed tots to see the scuba diving Santa but we did spy on some sleeping penguins and kiss under some LED snowflakes in a secluded part of the darkened path. I think that sounds a bit more romantic than it was but it was still romantic.

So much so I raised my arms to it!

Polar bears in front of "Mt. Rainier" were adorable,
"A family of 3 like us" I said to the hubs.
The hubs being all masculine in front of the Rainier

Another highlight was seeing the towering camels that they had working the night shift giving camel rides. We thought about it but figured we couldn't ride a camel without BB! We did however utilize a photo booth for a souvenir family portrait that I friggin LOVE! We picked the "worst" of the three, the one we intentionally did goofy but I love how it turned out.

We also got to have it with the meerkats border which is significant for the hubs and me as on our first real date we went to the Oregon Zoo and did voice overs at the meerkats, and we saw them again in Calgary. Every time we see meerkats it's special and this time we got to see meerkats with baby (they had the enclosure open and lit!) and we got the photo border. Our first family meerkat encounter :)

BB also liked the aquarium but no surprise there! The cockroaches, meh. 

One of my favorite family portraits!

Little penguins under siege by a giant, red Pacific octopus
and a snapping crab (at least, that's how I saw it)
And a lovely beluga waving farewell  :)


  1. that family pic! They way you stare into the Big Unknown. Love it!

  2. Ooooh. And ahhh.
    Love, love, love that purple tree.
    I am so very glad that your evening lit up for you.
    The photo of the three of you is a hoot too.

  3. What an awesome place. The polar bears would have done it for me. I LOVE polar bears. And your family portrait!

  4. Those are amazing lights! Wow! Love the purple tree.

  5. Beautiful photos, Hannah! What a lovely place! I also love the purple tree!


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