Monday, March 21, 2016

#atozchallenge Theme Reveal

This is my first year participating in the A to Z Challenge  and selecting a theme posed a challenge nearly as taxing as the posts themselves, but the theme I choose is Gratitude: The Things That Keep Me Alive

If you are a regular reader, you will already know that I happen to have Bipolar II disorder and that I welcomed my first child in February 2015. Motherhood set off a major battle with postpartum depression and anxiety, transforming my life into a journey of much joy and delight but also pain and confusion. 

I decided to gear my theme toward helping me reclaim my health and happiness, and since the hubs has let me know (very plainly) that I have an issue with "depressive logic" I thought utilizing a theme of gratitude would help me retrain my brain to work in a more helpful, positive way.

Each of my posts will try to be A) Positive B) Related to postpartum or the life I'm trying to reclaim C) Frank and illustrative as it relates to the experience of PPD, BPD, motherhood and my life in general. 

While I'm trying to be positive, I'm not a candy coating type and I may very well drop an f-bomb or two, just fair warning. I have the suspicion that expressing gratitude may function with a comparative aspect on occasion though I will refrain from "I'm grateful for blankety blank because blankety blank is so freakin' blankety blank, f-bomb this and that." That's just not what I'm going for here. :o) 

Not sure where this challenge will take me, but I'm launching this voyage the best way I know how! 

Let's do this.

Theme set.

Let's get grateful! 


  1. You are doing the A to Z??? Wow. I will be there. To read, to applaud.

  2. Wow...will you put those posts here? Cheers from me too...

  3. This is a great project! I'm really looking forward to all the posts you will share.

  4. Thanks everyone this is very encouraging! I wasn't worrying about it but now I'm a little worried about meeting the challenge. Gonna have to do some more brainstorming! Thanks again! And yes, all the posts will go here :)


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