Thursday, March 10, 2016

Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)

Thank you Margaret, Sue, and EC for these visual prompts :)

Gerald tipped the coffee cup back and took a healthy swallow of cooler-than-hot, warmer-than-warm java before sighing and looking at Susan and the carved stone she held. The stone was about the size of a Quaker oatmeal cylinder and covered in coral growths that collided to form one large blanket of coral. The divers had found the carving near the end of their dive and while it had taken two divers to wriggle the item from its sandy bed, it was light enough for Susan to carry back to the surface on her own.

Susan cradled the stone and peered into the face of the cloaked figure. It appeared to be female, wearing a veil over the large cloak the covered 98% of her body. Two small hands, a chipped face coated in teeny coral with a large beehive hairdo shrouded by a stone veil were all that detracted from the flowing cloak. The coral clung close to the stone and was a golden tone, a separate growth near the base carried some magenta hues; Gerald clenched his jaw imagining the coral dying off as the artifact was imprisoned on land.

"I wonder who she was." Susan mumbled and cocked her head to the left and shrugged. She hugged the carving closer to her body as she reached toward the rattan and glass table in front of her that held her creamy alcoholic concoction of coffee, rum, Kahlua, and cream. His belly flopped.

Leaving his cup of coffee on the side table, Gerald excused himself and walked off the covered porch onto the tropical garden path leading away from the large private rental. He trudged toward the sun-bleached dock, wondering how he'd ended up in a tropical hideaway with a bunch of self-centered, spoiled boozers. He was fairly certain Susan wasn't aware of whom the vice president was, but at twenty-nine with several million in the bank, why should she be?

Gerald shook his head and groaned as he plodded onto the dock and stared across the bright water. He needed off these islands, out of these mansions, and away from the fresh asphalt and bright white borders that gave the turistas the impression that their every activity was sanctioned and welcomed by a forgiving, tropical God.

"A little much?" Gerald heard a female voice behind him and turned to find Andrea, a curly haired dirty blonde about his age. She grinned and laughed, "I would say Susan is the most ignorant murderess in the islands but I think she actually relishes the triumph." Andrea sighed and clicked her tongue.

Gerald shrugged in return and shook his head. "I just wanted to escape for a little bit while my divorce went through. I didn't expect to come down here and survey a bunch of boozing fat-cats ripping up a coral reef."

Andrea smiled sympathetically. "Why don't we leave the gangsters behind and check out some more isolated coves? I have access to a little powerboat and some diving gear; we can check out the reef without changing a thing." Her hands lifted up and to the sides as if leaving the offer completely open for his consideration.

"Hmmm." Gerald murmured as his eyebrows perked. He looked over to her and nodded. "Why the hell not?"

Nearly two hours later they were in a cozy cove half and hour away from the rental and diving though some bright reefs without touching a thing. Andrea carried a waterproof camera and Gerald paddled through the cove enjoying the scenery without worrying about capturing a memory. As their oxygen tanks neared empty levels they reconvened on the powerboat for drinks and snacks, leaving their diving gear on the deck to dry and digging through the hastily packed cooler for water bottles and salsa.

"I'm glad we got a chance to dive out here. Thanks for being willing to give it a go." Andrea toasted Gerald with her sweaty water bottle and reached for a tortilla chip.

"Thank you for suggesting it, I don't know what I would've done if I hadn't been able to do any real diving-murder just ain't my thing." He smirked and toasted Andrea with his own water bottle before plunging a chip into a bowl of bright salsa. "This trip was supposed to be about moving on, recovery, not more bad memories."

"You're telling me." Andrea's eyebrows leaped, "I wasn't expecting a tropical escape to include a ragtag team of spoiled brats looking to scoop up whatever bounty they can find."

Gerald scoffed, "I find it just as satisfying swimming by for a visit and letting it stay right where it is." Andrea smiled and nodded as Gerald lightly grazed her knee with his right hand, "What do you say?"

Andrea sighed and gave a sidelong gaze at Gerald. "I think that a touchless visit can be just as wonderful as any plundering venture," resting her hand on his thigh she turned her head questioningly, "but there are always fun things to do with full contact-though I would never want to endanger any coral."

"Of course, if it were to protect the coral..." Gerald nodded firmly and cleared his throat.

In no time at all the salsa was very much forgotten and the coral certainly had no marauding divers to worry about, while Gerald's recuperating vacation to the islands finally took on a curative tone.
Nope. No idea where that came from!

I cancelled my ECT for today since Tuesday was kinda scary and upsetting. So far it's been writing and laundry and we'll see what else I can manage.

Been pretty storm around these parts, hope everyone else is having some nicer weather!

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