Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Q is for Quiet #atozchallenge

This post is part of my first year doing the A to Z Challenge and I happen to be writing under the theme Gratitude: The Things That Keep Me Alive. This is a relevant theme for me as I am struggling with postpartum depression, and also have diagnosed anxiety and bipolar II (just to let you know what's going on with me-it might be pertinent as you read the post below). Thank you for stopping by and reading my post!

Q is for quiet because I need quiet time to stay sane. By quiet time I don't mean start silence, but a variety of helpful, peaceful states of being that not only soothe my anxiety and help calm me but energize and rejuvenate me in ways a big shot of espresso just can't!

Sometimes quiet is the rush of hot water in the shower blurring out the other sounds of my condo. Sometimes quiet is the rustle of my comforter over my ear as I snuggle into the blankets and rub my temples to drown out traffic noise as I try to take a nap. Other times quiet is the unique "silence" of an empty trail as I trudge down the paved path that runs from my nearest local park past small ponds and creeks, high end and low end condos and apartments, into the Town Center area full of restaurants and businesses that I am mostly familiar with but hardly ever frequent! 

Nothing compares to the quiet of a high mountain trail overlooking a vast valley. The voluminous white clouds boldly sweeping across the bright blue sky as you listen to your labored breathing and feel beads of sweet trickle down your back and between your breasts; that perfect pause of pleasure and pride before breaking out the water bottles and snack bars and resuming the conversation you had been having on your hike up the hill. One of my favorite types of quiet.

Another favorite type is the simple silence and calm of a quiet mind. Whether it's during yoga or doing dishes or in the midst of traffic, a moment of quiet mind is so lovely and so serene. It's like a reset button that I don't even push, it simply goes off and gets me rebooted and ready to resume whatever task or to-dos are at hand.

Without those moments of peace and satisfaction, I don't know if I would be able to sustain a life in this world or even begin to believe that it's worth sticking around. I'm still working on internalizing that belief that my life is worth living and these blissful moments of quiet sure help me in a positive way. 

What are your favorite quiet moments? Your favorite type of quiet? Do you notice quiet in your day-to-day life?


  1. Lovely, Visiting from the A to Z Challenge, glad I dropped by! :) here is my "quiet" :

  2. Wonderful post again, Hannah! You have such a way with words. And you explain everything in such great detail. I enjoy all kinds of quiet, focusing on taking photographs being one of them. I also have the ability - for which I am exceedingly grateful for - to disconnect from the world and shut off all noise even when I'm in the midst of total chaos. This may have come from having spent the first 44 years of my life in a big city and needing a strategy to stay sane in a very noisy and overwhelming environment or because I'm an introvert. Or maybe it developed after I had my kids. Incessant crying can drive you mad. So why not learn to shut it off :) No matter how it came to be, I'm very happy I'm able to do it!

    1. Thanks Martha :o) and that sounds like a wonderful skill!

  3. During the work week, I wake to 100 percent quiet. No noise, no Internet, no music and I get straight to work, in the quiet.

    And I flippin' love it.

    And Martha is right. You have a way with words, but then, I have always thought of you as a writer.

    Keep up the great work.


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