Friday, July 22, 2016

A Friday Variety Post

Still waiting for ECT to kick in and perk up my mood so I've taken to a local cafe for a change of surroundings, some distraction, and a delicious snack with scrumptious coffee. It's a gloriously rainy, gray day here in the Pacific Northwest (perfect for visiting a cafe) and I enjoyed my strength training class this morning at the gym. I'm very grateful for those classes and the sense of community I gain from them, such a great way for me to kick off my days.

Today I'm also feeling especially grateful for my blogging community and please know that if you're reading this I appreciate have you in my life <3

Now. I think I'm going to try and tackle some "Words for Wednesday" on Friday just because I kinda-sorta feel like writing and need something to keep me occupied and trudging forward in a positive direction. Perfect for "Words for Wednesday," right?

Here are the prompting words that I'm working with:


Another Attack

I feel no shame amid the stares
My feelings freely gushing forward, tears falling down my cheeks
I'm quite an exhibition for the creeping on-ramp traffic
My captive sobs muted by car windows
The context of a radio newscast obscured to my audience
These strangers may believe they can't relate but I know different
The tragedies bewitching me burden them as well:
Shootings, bombings, massacres, deaths, injuries, hate
Grief does not discriminate
Grieving as I do relieves some of the pain
My way of striking back with love against widespread fear
As a candle lights the way for nervous steps
I help light the way for other caring souls 
We walk this messy trail toward peace together
With teary eyes and brave souls
And hope for all

Poems are a challenge for me but this is where inspiration took me today. It's a bit too vague, I think, but hopefully the fact that it's about the mass shootings and other attacks comes through. These stories have been far too common on my local radio station and make me quite sad. While this scene didn't happen exactly I was screaming and crying in the car the other day from depressive symptoms. I think that experience and the shootings mingled in my brain and got mixed into one in this poem!

Love and kindness to everyone. Thank you for reading and hope you all have wonderful weekends :o)


  1. Turn off the news and find some music you like instead...Hugs to you and your little family and have a good weekend. I appreciated your comments at mine today.

    1. Thanks e :o) Glad you appreciated my comment, I appreciate yours too!

  2. I was right in my comment on my blog. You are, as usual, too hard on yourself.
    I love your poem. Not too vague at all. It gives space for the reader to put their own interpretation.

  3. Hannah, I watch very little of the news because it is mostly bad and depressing. Try not to be so hard on yourself, dear friend. Thanks so much for your visits and kind comments on my blog, I always smile when I know you have been by. Sending you warm hugs and much love.

  4. The news is just so awful - there's something horrifying every day it seems. Writing a poem seems like a great way to deal with and process all of this. I think you did a nice job :-)

    1. Thanks Ellen, I think it was a good exercise for me emotionally :o)

  5. Here's hoping you can have quiet times at the cafe and less of the mucky times.

  6. Disconnect and immerse yourself in good things!


Thank you for reading and commenting!

Be well, HBF