Thursday, December 1, 2016

Quick Update

Saw the neurologist today. He was nice. Scheduled an EEG and MRI. Got a prescription for some anti-seizure meds which also happen to be mood stabilizers. I messaged with my psychiatrist and she said go right ahead. This particular script didn't work for me before but it's been so long, who knows, maybe it'll work better this time around?

Lots of feelings today. I kept at it and stuck to my schedule but it was definitely discouraging for me contemplating having a seizure disorder on top of the things I'm already juggling. The hubs is trying to look at the bright side and made sure to point out that dealing with seizures is better than dealing with suicidal depression. Poor guy. I can't imagine seeing him in a similar scenario, it'd be so distressing to me, but he keeps up the good fight no matter what comes up.

In other news, we're headed out on another weekend road trip. Hopefully I can relax and enjoy, that's certainly my aim.

Holiday cards are going out :o) I had fun with all the addressing and stuffing and sticking. Maybe I was a secretary in a previous life? ;o)


  1. Nice to see your humour, Hannah, and I really hope you can relax and enjoy the journey! One day at a time. Much love and hugs. :)

  2. Fingers and toes crossed.
    Have a wonderful weekend road trip.

  3. Your holiday cards are going out already? Wow, that's organized!

  4. I am glad you have that good man by your side. Sending love.

  5. Thank you for the holiday photo card. You are very organized and humorous! Hugs!


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