Monday, December 11, 2017


Hair... that is. ;o) Just in time for weather below feeezing!

Been some rough days-well, patches mixed in with okay-ness. Confusing and concerning. Day by day. 

School has been fun so far although stressful. Lots of adjustments to be made!


  1. You look cute with short hair! And donation is such a worthy thing to do!

  2. You rock the short hair look. Hooray for such a generous donation.
    I hope that the ok patches get bigger and better.

  3. You definitely have the face for short hair. You look great! Hope it's easier to take care of also.

  4. Wow...You look beautiful and donating one's hair is a great thing to do! Hugs and I hope you have more "better" days than not.

  5. OMG! You look so great! What did BB think? Kids that age can get upset with changes. When I taught preschool I had a child cry when I cut my hair.
    Thank you for the Christmas card. I got mine out today. Knowing Canada Post you should get it around December 22, 2020.

  6. Haha, I look forward to any cards whenever they arrive! Glad you got yours :o)

    BB was a little googly-eyed but didn't mention "hurr" at all. Then, after a brief moment, grabbed my hand and dragged me toward the play area! A lot of folks take a moment to realize what's different-I think that's a good sign.

  7. Wishing you and yours the happiest Holiday Season. Love Granny Annie

  8. Excellent on the hair, very cool and fun to have a change. Here's to you and your family in 2018.


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