The Blog

What's this all about?

Hannah Bananaface is a blog I created to be a creative and emotional outlet. I have a slight theme of living with mental illness but I post whatever I feel like posting including writing fiction and participating in writing challenges and prompts found on other blogs. Really, it's just "me."

There are a few things you should know before you dive into the blog... over the years I have been diagnosed with clinical depression, cyclothymia, bipolar II, borderline personality disorder, postpartum depression, and generalized anxiety disorder. At the moment, I consider bipolar II, generalized anxiety disorder, and borderline personality disorder my mental healthy diagnoses. I also happen to live with hypothyroidism and a seizure disorder.

I have had suicidal thoughts and have self-harmed in the past and I do talk frankly about these feelings and events in the blog. It is also important to remember that I have multiple mental health diagnoses that can alter my perspective and drastically affect the content of my blog from time to time, so please be prepared for the reality of this disease through my perspective.

Most my pictures come from or my own stash of snapshots, if not I try to provide a link to the source.

Thanks for visiting and dive right in!