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Dear Reader,

I've received a few remarks about the name of my blog and how "Hannah Bananaface" sounds like some tweeny-bopper nightmare, then, when actually reading my blog, people are pleasantly surprised by the content.

I like to think that is a good analogy for me in real life too. Like many of us, there's more to us than meets the eye.

So who is Hannah? Still working on that. Actually, if we get all philosophical about it, I'm not convinced any of us are a static "is" ever... Anyways. The me at the moment was raised as an Army brat with my two siblings. My parents are still happily married. I graduated high school with my Associate's degree then graduated from Western Washington Uni. with my Bachelor's at 20-years old. Married at 23, gave birth to my child in 2015. Between all those highlights are slashes on my wrists, previous abusive and dysfunctional relationships, suicidal ideation and an attempt, a couple hospitalizations, countless different medications, and quite a few rounds of ECT that I never expected for myself. That's me living and learning my way through life with multiple diagnoses-and let's face it, even without "diagnoses" life ain't no cakewalk.

Really, that's only part of the story. A bird's eye view really. Up close, a caterpillar's eye view if you will, I'm kind, caring, sensitive, and funny. I can be a sassy, stubborn bitch or a verbose but reassuring, encouraging companion. I may struggle with low self esteem but I carry close to my heart a few elements of personal pride; my unique craftiness and humor, my natural gift for writing and other talents, my amazing relationship with my husband (Kevin, though referred to as "the hubbo/hubster/hubby" in the blog), and my awesome birthing experience delivering my son after nearly 30 hours of unmedicated labor, catching him myself, all 10 lbs 1 oz, without a single tear, out of hospital just like I planned. As my husband says, "It was bad ass."

I am made up of a lot of soft parts (tummy and thighs included) and also harbor a lot of prickly, tough elements. I struggle with an excessive amount of fear and anxiety due to my psychiatric disorders and it is an ongoing challenge for me to thrive with the weight of these challenges. Somehow, the hubster and I are still fighting our way toward wellness and part of that battle is this blog as my personal outlet and special networking hub. Through all the rough roads I've come to appreciate a new strength and tenacity in myself that I never quite appreciated before...

So, welcome. I hope my blog pleasantly surprises you and supplies some sort of validation or encouragement. I believe we all have our own struggles, our own challenges. I believe that we're all trying our damnedest to capture our dreams and live this one life the best we can and that we all could use a little reassurance and cheering on from time to time.

Be well and best of luck.


PS If ya have any questions related to "Who is Hannah?" feel free to comment below and I'll try to answer  :o)

PPS Here's some pictures to boot!

Me & the hubster just being ourselves ;o)
Hiking with Baby Bananaface

Fall 2016

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