Saturday, December 31, 2011

Congrats, Bud

Bud, the cat, was adopted this past week. He was an awesome cat, even for an ISO cat that was sick as a dog. Friendly, charming, and spunky-even when faced with an itchy bacterial skin infection.

Enjoy your new family, Bud. I hope they're as special as you are! We'll miss ya bud.  :o)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Thanks to my Christmas ornament holiday employment I've been able to register for my doula training class at the Penny Simkin Center in Bastyr University!

For those who have known me for any substantial length of time have probably caught on that I'm not an uber-baby-licious babe. In fact, I'm not a fan of drooling infants and poop smears or lengthy crying fits and sticky fingers. With that knowledge in mind, it might be surprising that I've registered to learn the doula trade and am interested in becoming a midwife.

While others' interests in midwifery or doula work might focus on the babies, my interest hinges on the mothers-the women.

Not being a mother myself, I can't share first hand information about the birth experience, but from my studies I've become fascinated with the journey of birth and the transformative experience it can hold for women. Aiding women and being a part of this irreplaceable and momentous occasion in their lives appeals to me in a way that overrides my gross-out factor!

Doula training-here I come! Then I'll start tackling chemistry and my other prerequisites for midwifery school :o)

Christmas is Done.

Christmas breezed by and my sister only bit me once!

How old is my sister, you ask? Eighteen. Yep. I smacked her in the face.

In other news, the fiance and I made off like bandits with wedding registry everyday china and new clothes galore! We also received some awesome-possum chaise lounge camper chairs from my folks that we immediately put to use as recliners in our cramped apartment haha

In sadder news-my beloved plant, Idunn, is dying.

It's hard to see in the picture but horribly obvious when you see her in person-the whole bottom half is darkened with rot and leaves and stems have been falling off right and left. I think I over-watered her or she caught some kind of disease. Either way it sucks.

I really liked this plant and would try the same species again if I could figure out how to keep it alive! Our others plants are doing too well either-we might end up having a spring replanting ;o)

In happier news, I was able to finish the fiance's stocking before Christmas. If you can believe it-all of that is stitched by hand. GAG! Leave it to him to pick the most complex cross stitch project I'd ever seen!

It did turn out beautifully and we were very relieved to be done with this project :o)

Christmas was wonderful this year. I had a marvelous time playing games with the fam and we were able to bring our kitties down to my parents so we got to have our little family all together as well.

We played lots of games but we really enjoyed this new game:

This picture shows the UK version, but the US version has more familiar brands and is really fun. It does get a little competitive but is fun and relatively speedy for a board game.

We also enjoyed this wooden game, TUMBA!

Think Jenga but with more strategy-and you start from the bottom up and build unique structures each time.

Anywho-Christmas was wonderful, games were fun, and we ate entirely too much ham and sugar!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Breaking News!

As of today-both of our cats are snore-machines.

Millie just joined Iroh as a nocturnal nasal music machine.



Thursday, December 15, 2011


What a movie. The fiance and I just finished watching "The Help." I laughed-I cried-I LOVED IT!

I have to admit that I didn't really know what the movie was about-other than a white girl helping some black maids write a book. I was under the impression that the maids wanted to publish a book about cleaning-not about their lives as maids during segregation.

In the end, I'm glad that I went into the movie with little to no expectations or idea about the film's content and I can honestly say that this movie stands on its own. I haven't read the book, but I'm sure it is just as good to spawn such a wonderful film.

In other news, tonight was my volunteer night at the shelter and I had some more encounters with extreme kitty drool and only one case of nauseating diarrhea!

One cat dripped drool onto my jeans and sweater sleeves while I petted her and she purred. I felt the warm pellets of moisture seep into the cotton of my jeans and warm my skin and in that moment I wasn't annoyed by the sickly slobber at all-I was so happy to be there, comforting that cat while it recovered from it's bout of kitty flu.

While I work on ornaments I listen to KUOW and the world's news. Although KUOW does provide lots of reports and stories about quirky incidents or happy stories, most of the world's news is pretty depressing-especially when the top stories concern Congress. But listening to public radio all day makes me feel so good about helping those sick cats. KUOW helps me appreciate the kitty drool and my own healthy cats here at home.

Today was a good day :o)

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I'm purty tuckered out lately since I've been personalizing ornaments like no one's business. My colleagues from think I have a 5 second photographic memory or something of the sort that allows me to inscribe the ornaments so much faster than others.

I may be blinking like a fish eyed goon when I look up from my desk and my back has certainly become much more knotted in the last few weeks, but I really do enjoy the work. It's meditative. Crafty and a little challenging, distracting enough to give me peace but not to complex to drain my brain.

The dreaded "Happy Duggar Snowman Family"
Unfortunately--and also thankfully--the Christmas season only comes but once a year and my fling as an ornament personalizer will soon end. The money will be nice but will mostly be relegated to outstanding debts or soothing savings accounts that will hopefully maintain their balances and prevent any further panic attacks!

But the money wasn't the most important thing for me--having something to do was the most important thing. Having people to socialize with, swap small talk and stories with--people that I don't live with and that I'm not related to. I think the ephemeral aspects of work are just as important as the monetary compensation.

In less than two weeks my lifestyle will be jolted back into unemployment. Sure, I'll be able to get to more yoga classes (which I've missed dearly) but I'll also have little to no reason to leave the house otherwise. And (as my readers will know) cabin fever is not my biggest concern.

Even working what might seem like a silly, part time job has given me more purpose and direction and drive in my day-to-day life, something sitting at home and cleaning house just can't do for me. Thankfully, I see the end and will be able to prepare for this transition and hopefully use some of my momentum to being an active job search once again-but the prick of fear has already torn my heart.

I have been so low that my biggest fear has become myself. The most realistic threat to my life is my own mind...

Speaking of which I may be listening to too much NPR (if this is possible). Walking to my car this frosty morning I felt threatened by the open space from my car port to the parking space by the front office-as if I could be easily dispatched by sniper or cross fire!

In bittersweet, semi-related news I heard a wonderful and haunting story about the first Arab woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize-and also the youngest recipient of any gender to date.

Tawakkul Karman-Check her out!
And now, I will sleep :o)

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today was a little rough, but I made it through in decent spirits!

Left work a little earlier than anticipated because my shoulder knot was giving me some sharp pains (I have chronic shoulder tension and crouching over a desk for hours on end doesn't exactly help the situation). I was able to eat some hot lunch and rest before my volunteer shift at PAWS.

I was happy to see that one of my former "patients" made it out of Cat Isolation and onto the adoption floor. He's a sweet guy named Bud and the first time I saw him I thought of my brother! For some reason, they have an uncanny and inexplicable resemblance.

In related news, I had a fascinating dream last night where the aforementioned brother became a transvestite. He looked pretty good too! Lots of bronzer and a tiny pink skirt....

Anywho. The rest of my shift went pretty well. It's been two weeks since I was at the shelter and I did forget to make notes on the cats' appetites but otherwise I had everything under control-except for the drool.

I have never been drooled on so much. I guess that's what happens when you get lucky enough to have a shift without any diarrhea. The drooly cats were sweet, just too sweet for having all that drool. I don't exactly want kisses and snuggles under my chin when they're dripping globs of drool!

I really do enjoy spending time with the cats in ISO-even with the drool and diarrhea :o)