Sunday, June 22, 2014

Another Trip Bites The Dust

Feels like I just got decompressed from the PA road trip when it was time to head for Vegas with my sister, mother, and family friend!

The trip went pretty well even though there was some bitchin' and bickering toward the end (me and my sister) but we ended up on the same flight home and ended on a good note.

I enjoyed the sunshine and heat more than I expected. Lots of sunshine and lots of water! It was a good workout walking the strip and I managed to eat pretty well except for one excursion to Carl's Jr. 

That shake was so good.

Overall my mood has been pretty good. I've had dips but nothing terrible and I've been noticing when I am stressed and been coping pretty well. It used to take weeks for me to cope with my hurt feelings or stress but the turn around is becoming faster and faster. There is still a bit of lag in my reaction time which creates some confusion (for instance, I'll be stressed by something at noon and won't feel it sink in until after dinner) but I'm getting quicker at acknowledging my feelings and resolving them. 

The next big family event is the 4th of July BBQ in a couple of weeks so the hubster and I are concentrating on some R&R and recharging our introvert energy reserves ;) I'm planning to make some cute cookies for the 4th, so maybe I'll play "food blogger" for a day and post a picture of cookies!

In other news, Iroh is back to his old, old self. A little wobbly on the back legs but overall much more bright eyed and rambunctious again. Millie threw up 3 piles of kibble this morning (after such a good streak too!) and Fio will be going into the groomers soon. His right rear leg is doing much better although still a bit weak.

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