Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ornaments & Random Facebook Quiz

Here's a picture of one of the ornaments I wrote:

The extra small stuff if challenging but one of my favorite aspects of the job! After I'm done putting the words on the next person adds dots. You can look at other ornaments at the website

Here's a random quiz I did with the hubster for some giggles. He wasn't comfortable with me posting it on Facebook (like my friend that I got it from had) but he said I could post here. Guess he like y'all more than my Facebook friends ;o)

WITHOUT prompting, ask your significant other these questions and write EXACTLY what they say. The outcome can be hilarious!!!
•What is something I always say?
- *sigh* What's something you think that you always say? I don't know. My memory is bad the moment, okay?
•What makes me happy?
- Dad jokes and drawing.
•What makes me sad?
- *Depression.
•How tall am I?
- 5'7"
•What's my favorite thing to do?
- Uh, favorite thing to do... look at waterfalls.
•What do I do when you're not around?
- *chuckles* Listen to NPR.
•If I become famous, what will it be for?
- Writing.
•What makes you proud of me?
- Tenacity.
•What is my favorite food?
- Ooh... Indian.
•What is my favorite restaurant?
- Saffron.
•Where is my favorite place to visit?
- *beffuddled stare* Probably Bellingham?
•If I could go anywhere, where would it be?
- Iceland.
•How do I annoy you?
- You rub your feet in the bed.
•What is my favorite movie?
- "You've Got Mail"
•You get a phone call that I am in trouble, who am I with?
- Your mother.

Gonna work on "Words for Wednesday" tomorrow and hopefully have something to post then. Happy Hump Day everyone!


  1. I am in awe (as I said yesterday) at your handwriting.
    Love that meme, and suspect that many significant others would record a fail.

    1. Thank you again! I love writing cursive most but I can print pretty neatly and tiny and on all these weird surfaces so this holiday gig works out pretty well :o)

  2. The ornament is so cool! It's even got a Norbert!

    My daughter did this quiz with her boyfriend. I haven't done it with my husband yer.

    1. We had fun doing it although the hubbo was a bit suspicious and uncomfortable at first haha

  3. Were your husband's answers right?

    1. Pretty much. I don't know what my favorite movie is but "You've Got Mail" is definitely up there and I'd love to go to Iceland again... I don't really know the "right" answers but I know when he answered it made me feel like he knew me very well and that felt good. :o)

  4. The ornament is so cute, Hannah! I love it! :)

    1. It is so much fun and there are so many cute ornaments!

  5. The ornament is adorable! It's even got pets on it. Love that!

    1. There was some drama around those add-on pets this season with the owners, it's a bit of extra work and finagling since we make them on-demand but they've been selling pretty well!


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