Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Good Birthday

Baby Bananaface's birthday was a good day. 

I had a good day too. Got to speak at an event for my local YMCA and help motivate the campaigners into the last half of the annual campaign.

While that went really well, I made it less than a couple blocks before I was puking in some random parking lot the hubster pulled into. Jungle Fever. My family came down with it and I guess we brought it home with us this weekend!

I barfed again before we made it home and then kept barfing for hours once we got home. Or heaving at least. 

The hubby kept his distance, apologizing for not being "a barf guy" or the "hold-your-hair-back" type, but he helped me get through the night in his own way!

So. Bubba had a great birthday. My speech thing went well. Now I can't walk to the kitchen without tingles and feeling faint but hopefully that'll last soon! AND I really hope BB doesn't get this Jungle Fever. REALLY hope!


  1. Eeeeuw.
    I really, really hope the rest of your family escapes - and am sorry you were hit.
    Excellent other news in the post though.

  2. So sorry...feel better soon...your boy looks happy, that says a lot!

  3. I hope the jungle fever has gone back to the jungle. That does not sound like fun.

  4. Oh dear, sounds like a major barf-fest!

  5. Happy Birthday to the little man!

    Gad you are feeling mostly better.

  6. Happy birthday to your little guy. He is adorable!
    That jungle fever sounds horrible!

  7. Sweet photo, Hannah, and Happy Birthday to the little angel! So sorry to hear you are so sick, dear friend. Please take good care of yourself and make sure you get plenty of rest.

  8. Glad BB won't remember how sick mommy was on his first birthday. He looks happy with things as they are. Hope you are much better now.

  9. Happy Birthday to him and feel better, to you.


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