Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Which button do I...


Wow. It's been so long! Life has been keeping me quite busy.

BB rollin' out one morning, he loves to accessorize!

 The hubs is still out of work and it's been a blessing considering we're still doing ECT once a week and he has to chauffeur me about that day and day after. Baby Bananaface is quite a handful lately with another language explosion of late along with some more forceful expression even when it's gibberish (take this morning when he yelled over-and-over, "MUSHROOM! MUSHROOM?" as I loaded him into the car after CrossFit, I'm glad he enjoys mushroom hunts, just not sure the entire zipcode needs to know about it).

Painting w/ mom (whoa, that's weird to type!)

Apparently baking biscotti is a full-contact sport

Oh, today is my birthday. As is the new tradition of sorts I made thank you notes and treats for a few special folks, namely my CrossFit crew. I brought three different types of biscotti (almond lemon, cocoa honey almond, almond cardamom) and my favorite almond joy bran muffins. I just love me a bran muffin. Screw birthday cake, give me the muffins. Threw some cardamom in those too! Hot damn!

Like I said, things have been kinda hectic so I didn't make and send out as many 'Thank Yous' as I could've. As such, thank you to all of you in this marvelous blogging community. I wish we had been seeing more of each other of late!

Overall, things are on an upward trend but there have been some tough days. Yesterday or the day before I found myself sitting on the hubster's lap and crying, completely drained and disheartened. Sure, there was a specific cause at that moment, I think it was overall an overwhelmation (new word there). I'm still having to take it slow even on the good days.

Comin' out of ECT
Headed into ECT

The hubs and I have been enjoying more movie/TV time together in the evening. Cuddling up or playing cards (this new one called "Snappy Dresser" is pretty good, even for two folks). I've been able to laugh and happy cry and handle the emotions of a movie, so that's good. And, as always, The Great British Baking Show is always a good fall back.


That's all I've got for now. I need to hydrate, I got my heating pad on my lady business (started my period right after the warm-up run this morning! happy birthday!). It's time for some pleasant TV and perhaps a bit of chocolate....

Hugs and happiness and best hope to you all... It's a blue-skied brisk type of day here and I hope everyone else has decent weather themselves.


Drawing for a CrossFit friend, I asked
for quotes to inspire me and sketched
whatever came to mind.

Artwork I did for a CrossFit friend


  1. Happy Birthday, HBF! Wishing you lots more art with BBF, more good movies to snuggle up with your hubz, and more muffins!

  2. Happy birthday, Hannah! How wonderful to here from you. Your little man is growing in leaps and bounds. He is adorable!

  3. Happy Birthday, Hannah! Your artwork is amazing. I'm sure they are treasured by anyone who receives them.

  4. Happy Birthday, dear Hannah! I hope you and your family also enjoy Valentine's Day. Wishing you wonderful muffins, and as a past recipient of one of your drawings, I can say they are all lovely and I treasure mine. Hugs.

  5. Wow, Hannah, I have so much respect for you. The pic 'painting with mom' is so sweet...


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