Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dental Relief and Seasonal Anxiety

Had my dental appointment today with the new dentist (the hubby has been raving) and I really liked her. It certainly didn't hurt to hear that my mouth isn't as in as much peril as my last dentist would've liked me to believe.

Sure, I need two fillings repaired (replaced) but only because they are old and have little holes. She didn't find any broken fillings and was very communicative about what she found and thought of my teeth. While she recommends a mouth guard she also gave me some tips to reduce stress and jaw grinding/clenching naturally because she knows insurance doesn't cover night guards for healthy mouths!

Apparently my insurance will only cover the guard if I'm a perio patient. While I wish they would cover the $400 hardware I'm glad I'm not a perio patient! Keep you money, I'll keep my healthy teeth and gums!

So I'm on the schedule for a couple fillings and a cleaning in the fall and quite relieved to have a dentist that is conservative, communicative, and enjoyable! While the night guard is something I am interested in (especially since it can function as a retainer as well as a guard, which I haven't been wearing for several years...), it's going to have to wait til Christmas and ornament money.

In other news, the heat has jumped up the last few days. Seems like nature is slapping me upside the face with SPRING. I enjoy the sun and the warmth but the sensations of summer also carry lots of anxiety.

For most of my life I've been overweight and as an overweight person I use clothes to hide. Summer makes that difficult! Wearing sleeveless or short sleeved shirts, skirts, or shorts is difficult for me. I can't wear my usual hidey-clothes or I'll be sweating like a pig, but wearing temperature appropriate clothes saddles me with massive anxiety and self-consciousness.

The warmer weather is invigorating and exciting but I find myself grappling with anxiety over my wardrobe instead of looking forward to summer adventures. No wonder fall is my favorite season!

The pets are handling the weather well so far by gulping lots of water and laying out like slabs of bacon all over the floor. Fio got shaved down (at home, so he looks like a raggamuffin) and we're spending the day with windows open and lights off!

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