Saturday, December 27, 2014

Now For My Next Trick.... Recuperation!

I would say that "Christmas is done" but seeing as I'm sitting here typing away surrounded by my holiday decorations it wouldn't be quite accurate. For the most part, Christmas is finished and we're entering the recovery phase that usually lasts into mid-January :)

The holidays went pretty well for us although I overdid it a little bit and by Christmas Eve evening I needed to isolate and nap to avoid a full blown emotional overload.

I think having the family exchange Sunday, work on Monday, cleaning and packing and then a hellish drive on Tuesday before baking rolls and making lasagna Wednesday-all with late nights and early mornings trying to ward off biley barfs-really wore me out. Add to that the social interaction and feeling upset and stressed by my sister's health, it was no wonder after the exchange Christmas Eve I was losing traction.

I sat myself down in a dark corner and tried to figure out what I should do, knowing that watching a movie or trying to join in the games with guests was just too much. I was in that overwhelmed stupor where sitting and staring into the abyss is about all I can do! My mom and the hubbo were tuned in to my sudden decline in mood and eventually they encouraged me to go get a nap in and come back in an hour or two. It really helped reset my emotional balance and I was able to enjoy the rest of the night.

Overall the visit south and time with my family was fun and relaxing though not without the family stress and concern that all too often arises during extended visits. My sister's ongoing diabetes scare and her poor health choices wear on me. I see that she is scared for her future and understand that it's a process to cope with such news (nothing has been confirmed but there is certainly lots of talk) but feel very frustrated watching her food choices and how she lashes out.

At multiple points she complained that if anyone was going to get diabetes it would be Dad, then Mom, then Cody, then her. I found it upsetting that somehow it's acceptable for the family to get a horrible disease as long as she's last? Funny how I didn't make the list despite being the fattest of us all!

I know it's a passing storm and that no one knows what the future will bring but it was a major weight on me during the visit. Otherwise we had a pretty good time with lots of games (Ticket to Ride was the undisputed favorite) and lots of cheer. I didn't listen to as much Christmas music as I usually do this year but I think we made up for it during our trip haha

In other news, Fio has had an ongoing knob/scab situation on his head. We think a cat knocked him over the head and it got infected but we didn't really notice until it had scabbed over and turned into this huge lump o' nasty. The vet tech said it was fine, just keep it clean and clear and let the healing continue. That's all fine and dandy but he sure is a sight with half his top knot missing and a scabby lump on his head!

Millie and Fio seemed to have fared well during our absence, though Iroh pulled a lovely patch of hair from his left shoulder and Millie left us some barf as a welcome home gift.

Happy to be home and recovering, looking forward to regaining some sense of routine and refocusing on my well being!

Happy holidays to everyone :)

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  1. I use this for any sores that our cats get. It is a miracle cure and completely safe if licked. It is available at most pet supply stores. It is a bit pricey but way cheaper than a call to the vet.


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